Dear Parents/Guardians,



For the first time ever, Mire Elementary will bring a team to compete at the Regional Science Olympiad at UL on Feb. 27th! This is super exciting for us!  As we prepare to bring our best talent, it occurred to me to invite anyone who would be interested to come out and watch the events for the day! The schedule of events and awards times are posted in the menu.  Come out and support your Mire team of Science Olympians!


The Parish Science Fair was a huge success!  We got 6 awards, including the TOP of the Jr Division!  Congratulations, winners!  Off to Regionals they go!  The Regional Science Fair will be held at Blackham Coliseum on March 12, 2016.  Wish us luck!


The next science club meeting will be on Tues, February 16th, from 3:30 - 5 pm. We have a surprise in store!


Robotics:  All students are encouraged to stop by my classroom and come build and program! Any honor roll student is welcome!  We are looking into a robotics competition on April 30th in Bossier City.  Come see me for more details.


Your child is part of the new Google Classroom that I have set up for off-site learning in science.  I will give them all the information needed to keep up with what we are learning and have extra time to watch videos/PowerPoints, get handouts, and print notes on what we are learning.  This advantage has transformed how I teach and your child learns!  I am excited to offer this new technology at Mire!  The link for Google Classroom is here on the sidebar.


As always,  if you have any questions , email me at . Please put "Parent Email" in the subject line to get through the spam filter.




Mrs. Crystal DeMoura

Middle School Science                             



 Collect them and Cash them in at MES


   * Box Top Labels * 


* Campbell’s Labels *


* Community Coffee Labels *


* Can Tabs *


We will not be collecting the following this year


* Nestle Water Bottle Label * Capri Sun Pouches *