Dear Parents/Guardians,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Science Fair was a great success with many good projects.  Thanks to all the students and parents for your investment of time and energy in your projects!  We have approximately 15 students going to the Parish Fair on Thursday, January 29th. 



Robotics: Next meetings coming up:  Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30 - 4:30pm.   Please send your child with a snack and drink. Thanks! We will begin programming to accomplish a mission similar to what they did at the Science Olympiad in 2014. 1. sign up 2. join class 3. enter code


6th grade code: 951358

7th grade code: 008801

8th grade code: 953279  excellent site to do simple experiments at home



As always,  if you have any questions , email me at . Please put "Parent Email" in the subject line to get through the spam filter.





Mrs. Crystal DeMoura

Middle School Science                             



 Collect them and Cash them in at MES


                                                                                                    * Box Top Labels * 


* Campbell’s Labels *


* Community Coffee Labels *


* Can Tabs *


We will not be collecting the following this year


* Nestle Water Bottle Label * Capri Sun Pouches *