Dear Parents/Guardians,



Welcome to a brand new school year! Everyone is excited and ready to learn!  I have about 175 students this year, so we are going to have a lot of structure to learn efficiently.  Please read my policy page that I sent home with your child.  It contains everything to help your child succeed in my class.  I have high expectations, but I have no doubt that my students will live up to them!


The Mire Science Club will be having an open meeting to invite new students on August 27, 2015, 3:30 - 5pm in Mrs. DeMoura's classroom.  All old members are invited (if Honor Roll last year) and new Honor Roll students invited as well. Parent pickup will be at the Car Rider line PROMPTLY at 5pm.  Thank you!


 **Remember:  8th grade MUST participate in the Science Fair.  The fair is usually the first week of December.  excellent site for project ideas (cannot copy project EXACTLY; change something)

***All projects are subject to my approval before beginning; PLEASE do not purchase or otherwise invest time in your project until you have gotten approval.  Thanks!


Your child is part of the new Google Classroom that I have set up for off-site learning in science.  I will give them all the information needed to keep up with what we are learning and have extra time to watch videos/PowerPoints, get handouts, and print notes on what we are learning.  This advantage has transformed how I teach and your child learns!  I am excited to offer this new technology at Mire!  The link for Google Classroom is here on the sidebar.


As always,  if you have any questions , email me at . Please put "Parent Email" in the subject line to get through the spam filter.





Mrs. Crystal DeMoura

Middle School Science                             



 Collect them and Cash them in at MES


   * Box Top Labels * 


* Campbell’s Labels *


* Community Coffee Labels *


* Can Tabs *


We will not be collecting the following this year


* Nestle Water Bottle Label * Capri Sun Pouches *