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  Welcome to the Gifted Page!  I hope this will answer questions about our Gifted Class and Testing for the Gifted Program.  Our program is full of excitement and adventure that establishes a love for learning!


Gifted Classes are served one day per week.



For Current Students and Parents:



*************I enjoy teaching my students! Thanks for sending them to school READY, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL!

Students are served on the following days:


September 29, 2014

5th Grade:

Great Class! Students are asking about trip to Orlando...No word yet if it has been approved.  Keeping fingers crossed.  Start saving for it now! :) I really would like everyone to attend!!!

H.W.: Research about a Japanese Warlord or a Japanese Emperor.  Bring source to class with a paragraph in rough form...sloppy copy! Have a fantastic week!

The trip to Orlando is scheduled for March.  We are waiting for approval! I will keep you updated ASAP...:) Our class went by way toooooo fast today!  We read a story called, In the Time of Drums".  It was really great!  We learned all about Gullah and researched Teakettle Creek.  A great site to learn more about Gullah is knowitall.org.  The site is called Gullah Music.  it has African Music, Folktales and Activities.  The students really enjoyed our lesson today.

H.W.: Leveled Logic


Monday: 5th Grade: A BIG HUG to Mrs. Doris Rogers for speaking to us about her visit to Japan!


Students are bringing home information about a possible trip to Orlando.  Please let me know if you are able to fund this trip .  I need to know if we are interested as a class in going. Thanks...It would be three payments and I am not sure of the date as of today.

Tuesday: 4th Grade:

Research will continue about Ancient Egypt.  We have loved playing the games the students created! Thank you for helping us!


Thursday:  1st/2nd Grades

Friday: 3rd Grade 9/2014

What wonderful ideas that came to form!  We enjoyed the egg helments so much!  Great job students and parents!  The Scientific Method has new meaning...no egg on our faces! LOL

H.W.: Students will create an egg helment.










The course of study in Gifted Resource Class includes the following subjects:

Junior Great Books

Math Rules


Root Up

Unit:  1st-2nd : Oscar's Ocean, 3rd Invent, 4th Egypt, 5th War Lords of Japan

Centers/Brain Games



Students must maintain a satisfactory grade in Gifted Resource Class to continue in the program.  The grading scale is:

N=needs improvement







For Students Being Tested:




The testing process takes time.  Please be patient.  If you have questions, please call me.  I will be happy to answer them! 


Please feel free to make suggestions.  I welcome feedback.


L. Dickens