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  Welcome to the Gifted Page!  I hope this will answer questions about our Gifted Class and Testing for the Gifted Program.  Our program is full of excitement and adventure that establishes a love for learning!


Gifted Classes are served one day per week.



For Current Students and Parents:



*************I enjoy teaching my students! Thanks for sending them to school READY, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL!





What we need to work on for our next class:


Annual Reviews are being sent home.  Please sign and return form to Dickens.






Today we worked on Logic, The Watyer Cycle, Math Rules, and Roots Up! If you have not returned the Annual Review Form, please sign it and return.  Thanks again for your support!  Have a great week!

4/14 We are working on Weather Unit.  The students are making a weather book.  Contimue to work on Logic at home.  Junior Great Book was sent home with an assignment to complete.  Please send it back to class!  Thanks


3/24/14 Homework: Make sure you keep up with AR in your classroom.  Some of the students need work on their times tables!  Please work on them!!! :) No class next week due to CRCT!(3/31/14)



5/14 Please return Annual Review Form!  Thanks for your support!

4/14 Weather Unit: Please return Gifted Folder each week.

Annual Review Forms are due.  Please return We had a great day! The students were very excited to create a weather comic strip!  They were fabulous!  I enjoyed them so much! Get ready to laugh! No class next week (3/31/14) due to CRCT. 



3/20/14:H.W: Read AR to support classroom teacher and complete any work  not finished in class.  Check-out Weather wizkids.com. Review mult. facts!!!

3/13/14: H.W: Read AR to support classroom teacher!


3/6/14:  Today we worked really hard to solve a upper level logic problem!  WE DID IT!!!The entire class solved it!! Make sure you work on math times-tables.  Some students are having a difficult remembering them! We are trying to make our classroom AR goals!  Please remember to read each night !

***** Continue to work on logic puzzles

2/20/14:  Today we had the fortune of having the ipad cart in our classroom!  Each student researched our new unit:  Weather.  The students created a Weather Journal.  They visited the site weather whizkids.com .  Please feel free to explore the site.  There are lots of experiments that we can do in class.  The children may bring in materials to conduct the experiments!  We created a rainbow today!  Thanks for sending our students to LES ready, responsible, and respectful!  Have a fantastic day!

HW: Explore the site www.weatherwizkids.com   and work on journal topic page 2-3.


3/22/14:  Make sure to read AR to support classroom teacher! 

Work on projects due Feb. 28th.

Projects were fabulous!  The students did an outstanding job researching, creating, and presenting !!!  Our guests enjoyed viewing your hard work!  They were amazing!  Make sure you present at the 4-H contest!!!!  If you ;lost the project/date info. see me!!!YEAH!!!





The course of study in Gifted Resource Class includes the following subjects:

Junior Great Books

Math Rules


Root Up


Centers/Brain Games


Students must maintain a satisfactory grade in Gifted Resource Class to continue in the program.  The grading scale is:

N=needs improvement







For Students Being Tested:




The testing process takes time.  Please be patient.  If you have questions, please call me.  I will be happy to answer them! 


Please feel free to make suggestions.  I welcome feedback.


L. Dickens