Enhance the 7th grade camping experience!
visit these sites for activities

Ecosystems Webquest
explore habitats around the world by following the links

NJ Wildlife: Endangered and Threatened Species

Windward: Outsmart the Weather in a Race Around the World
animated ocean-going game: beat the storm!

NJ Raptor Trust

Explore Raptors

What makes it a raptor?

All About Birds
Search for raptors, finches, crows, etc.; watch video, hear sounds, etc.

PBS Bald Eagle Episode

info, photos, video, audio about North and Central American owls

How Animals Meet their Needs
play the game

Nat Geo Explorer Games

Earth Floor
geology, biomes, adaptation, diversity, plate tectonics, etc.

NJ Audubon Society
how to turn your backyard into a habitat for plants & wildlife

What's It Like Where You Live?
biomes & ecosystems of the world

National Geographic: Ecosystems
photographs and descriptions of various ecosystems around the world
(also activities on other topics)

Animals -- Biodiversity
info about all kinds of animals, audio, etc.

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
history, habitat, wildlife, visiting

National Geographic Creature Finder

Bears in NJ

National Invasive Species Info Center
info on invasive plants and animals in NJ and other states

Ultimate Camp Resource
games, activities, songs, skits, videos, et c.

Acid Rain: How it Affects the Food Web
information, games, and activities

*Human Impacts of the Environment
study air, land & water pollution, resource depletion
& calculate your carbon footprint

*Impacts of Humans on the Environment
watch videos about extinction, endangered species, & conservation

Animal Adaptations Web Scavenger Hunt
when you use the link to the PBS site:
username: brmsnj
password: panther

BrainPOP: Extinction Video

Gould Food Webs

Water Cycle in Action

Water Cycle Video

Carbon Cycle Game

US & World Population Clocks

Animated Population Map

Amazing story of Kudzu
"the vine that ate the south"

Kudzu: the Vine
photos of invasive plant covering buildings, cars, etc.

Protect the Environment
how to make your school more 'green' by recycling

Pollution & How it Affects our Local Environment
the effects of pollution on New York State

Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?
form an opinion on global warming