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Society of Women Engineers

As promised here's the link to the information for ladies interested in engineering careers! This really does seem like a great opportunity! If anyone decides to do this, then please come visit me in the fall and tell me about it!



Here's a link to a great website if you're interested in a carreer in engineering. There are games, and loads of info about the field of engineering.

Even if you aren't into engineering, I'm recomending that you go checkout the game Cargo Bridge 2. It really emphasizes the roll of triangles in construction!




Attatched here, is the full tutoring schedule for the math department. In the case that you can't make it in the mornings for tutorials with me, hopefully you can find someone else to help you! I've highlighted the other geometry teachers on the list.


List of Great Smartphone Apps for Students
This is a list of 20 smartphone apps that are free or cheap that are great for high school students!

They aren't all math related!



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USA Testprep

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Classzone (Online Math Book)