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In Math, they will be introduced to division.They will

divide with up to four digit dividends and one digit

divisor.  Steps will be provided for assistance. 


In small groups, they will continue multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit

multiplication.  The students will apply the strategies

learned to solve these problems.

(area model, partial product, standard algorithm) 

Notes should be in their binder.


We will also use the iPads to complete math assignments on MobyMax.  

This is a web based program that each student can work on at home.  

Students have been provided a username and password!


Math homework is given Monday - Thursday.  

Please be sure to study

multiplication facts nightly. 


In Science, our unit is the Solar System.  

This will cover Chapters 1 through 3

in the Science book.  Study guides and vocabulary words

will be provided.

Please be sure to study them nightly in preparation for tests.


In Language Arts, we will write an informational paper.


Spelling words will be given with nightly homework.


Every Monday, students will receive anewsletter that explains what is going

on each week in class.  Each Monday, students will bring home their Monday folders.

These folders will have completed work.  Please reviewthe work with your child.  The

folder needs to be signed and returned to school the next day.  

Please be sure your child is ready and prepared everyday with school supplies.


If you have any questions, please send me an email at cdoomes@liberty.k12.ga.us, 

send a note, or phone call at 368-3348.