books and clock PLEASE TAKE




5th Period Language Arts: Many of you did not complete the assignment "Where I'm From" which we worked on in class Friday, 1/9, and Monday, 1/12, and as homework (1/9-1/12).

You will be selecting an autobiography from the media center next week to read on your own. You must be able to talk about the topic "Perseverance" with your autobiography.


Reading Classes: We are beginning our class text, I AM THE CHEESE, this week. There will be daily activities, so please keep up with the reading.


AC Language Arts: Our goal is to read Chapter 2 of LOTF, complete the Who Says It?, and our setting activity by the end of the week. We will be revisiting participles. Continue to think about the main idea: What is the most important thing in a society?  











Happy New Year and Welcome Back, Students


Reading Classes--We are beginning a Mystery and Horror Unit. 

Language Arts Class--We are beginning a biography unit and learning about primary and secondary sources.

AC Language Arts Classes--We are doing pre-reading activities for Lord of the Flies.





Reading Classes,

We will read our parts from the dramatization of A Christmas Carol in the Literature text and compare excerpts from Dickens' text to the play and to excerpts of video texts.


Language Arts,

Please try to meet your reading goal in our anchor text this week. We will continue to review parts of speech as we identify sentence structure.


AC Language Arts,

We will compare/contrast theme in the short stories "The Pedestrian," "The Lottery," and "Harrison Bergeron." Complete the "Perfect Society" activity in your journal. 






Reading Classes,

We have begun A Christmas Carol. The shorter version that Dickens used to read during public appearances is on my blog. We will read the play in the textbook and view a movie version.

Language Arts,

You should be on page 159 in Monster by Wednesday. We will have grammar warm up activities everyday this week. With the exception of today's activity, all others will be counted as a grade. 

AC Language Arts,

Begin at some point to type your poem tomorrow in class (Tuesday 12/2/14). Wednesday will be the last day to type in class.





Reading Classes,

We will review for the test on Wednesday. There will be an open book/notes test on The Hobbit Chapters 9-19 on Thursday.

Language Arts 5th Period,

You need to complete your I Am Thankful paper on Essay Scorer.

AC Language Arts,

We will work on our Animal Farm poems on Wednesday and Thursday.





AC Language Arts--We will type our first drafts of our Animal Farm essays in the computer lab on Monday and Tuesday, November 10-11.  We will watch the video text of the movie and compare to novel.


Reading--We will type our "Histories" of the Arkenstone in the computer lab on Monday and Tuesday, November 10-11. We will read Chapters 17-18 of The Hobbit. We will watch part 2 of The Hobbit on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will drop and everything and read on Friday.


Language Arts--We will begin our trial based on "The White Circle" on Tuesday. We still have a few more interviews to do. Attorneys, be ready with opening statements on Tuesday, November 11. The following also need to be ready:

Detectives-Crime Scene Investigation Chart

Medical Doctor-Medical Report on Tucker and Anvil

Psychologists-Psych Report (word game, etc.) on Tucker and Anvil

Witnesses-Witness Packets with questions/answers




We will hold our classroom spelling bee on Monday, November 3rd to determine participants for the Spelling Bee to be held at Pine Mountain on December 15.

These classroom spelling bees will only be held in Language Arts classes.








We will finish the movie and discuss Thorin's portrayal in the novel and the movie. On Wednesday, we will write our paragraphs comparing and contrasting Thorin Oakenshield in the book and the film. There is a huge difference, as you know, so make sure you point these differences out and use lots of supporting evidence from the book and movie. These are due by the end of class. We will resume reading Chapter 12. On Thursday, we will do our vocabulary exercise on Chapters 9-12.



We will finish our practice for distinguishing between fact and strong opinion. We will practice sentence structure. We will memorize the coordinating conjunctions and fifteen subordinating conjunctions. We will finish reading "The White Circle" and argue, as a class, over whether statements I have written about the story are facts or strong opinions. Be ready to support your claims with evidence from the text. These arguments will form the basis for the prosecution and defense of Tucker. For our mock trial, we will pretend that Tucker has been charged with pre-meditated attempted murder of Anvil. Get ready. This is going to be an exciting trial. After the trial, we will write an essay about "The White Circle."



We will choose our topics for our essays about Animal Farm. We will each write a thesis statement and plan an outline in our journals. When time permits, we will close class with the reading of our epilogues ("Chapter XI") in our journals.  All test questions for Chapters VI-X of Animal Farm should now be turned in.

We will practice sentence structure.







Reading Class--October 21-23

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey--Comparing the archetypal characters in written text and video text.

Bring a book to class on Friday, October 24.


5th Period Language Arts--October 20-24

The Trial of Jimmy Valentine

Please be prepared whether you are a juror, judge, defendant, bailiff, attorney, or witness.


AC Language Arts Classes--October 20-24

With a partner, write "Chapter XI." Think of it as an epilogue with the heading "Five Years Later." Please be creative and be sure to include a thorough description of the farm, economic advantage or disadvantage, relationship with humans, leadership, philosophy, rules, etc.


Reading Classes,

We will finish our trading cards and insert our pictures this week in the computer lab.

You must have a book to read on Friday, October 17. 

Chapters  11 & 12 of The Hobbit this week.


Language Arts--5th Period,

We will finish our essay comparing Martha and Roger in The Scholarship Jacket and Thank You, Ma'am on Tuesday, October 14.

We will begin the trial of Jimmy Valentine on Thursday, October 16.


AC Lanugage Arts,

We will finish Animal Farm this week. Turn in your activities comparing the anthems on Monday, October 13.  We will read Chapter 8 and 9.




Reading Classes,

Your reading log #2 is due Friday, October 3.

Language Arts-5th Period,

Use the student model on p. 287 in the text to see how the 3 point thesis governs the body of the essay. You are using the same two stories, but you are showing the similarities between Martha and Roger while the student model shows the differences. Your body paragraphs should be finished in class today, Friday, October 3. Use quotes from the stories in your last body paragraph.

AC Language Arts,

We are continuing to examine different layers of meaning and components of Animal Farm. Make sure that you are turning in all the graphic organizers. These will go in the journal. You will choose from these to write your literary analysis. Today, we will do an extended definition of OPPRESSION.




Reading Classes,

Your reading log is due Friday. You may turn in your Thumbs Up/Down or Treasure Chest next Monday, September 29.

5th Period Language Arts,

If you have not finished your essay in Essay Scorer, please log in from home and FINISH.We worked on this for 3 days in class. It is now due! Your log in is your lunch number and your password is your last name 2014. Capitalize the first letter of your last name.

AC Language Arts,

Your grammar activity on "Beasts of England" is due Tuesday, September 23.



ALL LANGUAGE ARTS CLASSES will meet in computer lab 1906 on Friday, September 5, 2014.


AC Language Arts classes will type their water essay after finishing research. Use the persuasion map as a pre-writing strategy.


Language Art class (5th period) will begin their pre-writing on their argument paper (use persuasion map) after they have revised their personal narratives.


Reading Classes--WE have finished Chapter 6. If you were absent and missed some of the reading please catch up by reading the novel on the blog.


READING CLASSES--REMEMBER that FRIDAY is READING DAY. Please bring your novel or non fiction book to class and get a new reading log. A reading log is due every 4 wks.





Mrs. Register's Reading Classes:

If you have been absent and missed any of the reading of The Hobbit, please use the link (bottom, right) to read. We will start Chapter 4 on Monday. Business cards for Bilbo Baggins are due Friday, August 22, 2014.

Mrs. Register's Fifth Period Language Arts Class:

The rough draft of your personal essay is due by Tuesday, August 26, 2014. The "story" pyramid for your narrative was due Thursday, August 21, 2014.

Mrs. Register's AC Language Arts Classes:

The second draft of your "Name" essay is due by the end of the period on Friday, August 22, 2014. We will begin talking about our role in nature next week and reading some literary and non fiction pieces related to the environment.


Mrs. Register's Reading Classes are beginning The Hobbit

Language Arts Class (5th Period) will begin a rough draft of a personal narrative about a challenging incident on Thursday.

AC Language Arts Class will begin "Name" essay on Wednesday.




Welcome back, and congratulations on doing such a good job during the first week of school! 


Homeroom students,

Don't forget to give your homeroom teachers early dismissal notes, etc. at the BEGINNING of homeroom. All students have lockers now, so there should be no backpacks out until 7th period. Also, please turn off cell phones and put them away. 



A syllabus for each of your classes will go out on Monday, August 11.  

syllabus7reglanguage artsfall2014-15.docx    







CRCT will start 4/23/14.


All classes will review the following:

Poetry (Form, Figurative Language, and Sound Devices)

Writing and Conventions





8th Graders,

Continue working on your pieces for the Career Unit. Everything is due  on or before March 28, Friday. If you are going to be absent on the due date you need to turn your work in early and reschedule your interview. I will not accept any of the following after Friday:


1. Brochure (your dream job and college)  This will be displayed in the glass case opposite the theater. (100 points)

2. Cover letter for the pretend job for our Job Fair (100 points)

3. Resume for the pretend job for our Job Fair  (75 points)

4. Application for the pretend job for our Job Fair (50 points)

5. Addressed envelope in which you will place items  2, 3, 4 (25 points)


The interview will be worth 25 points. All interviews will be done during class on March 28 in the one of the data rooms. Please dress appropriately.

You have received explicit instructions about how to dress and conduct yourselves in an interview. You have received templates for cover letter, resume, and brochure. Please follow directions and do a GREAT job on all assignments.



7th Graders,

We will continue reading "The Last Dog" next week. The graphic organizer is due when we have finished story.


6th Graders,

Monday--work on Harris Burdick mystery story with partner.

Tuesday--finish story.

Wednesday--practice Agatha Christie play.





























8th Grade Students:

You can review this ppt if you are working on your cover letter at home. Only students who have a rough draft of the letter in journal will be allowed to type on Thursday.


  Cover Letter.ppt  


7th Grade:

We will finish our essay "How Does Fiction Mirror Reality" on Monday, 3-17.

6th Grade:

Mystery Unit: Share your ideas for the "Trash Can" activity.

Agatha Christie plays will be assigned.





7th GRADE--3/6/14 Type your prose poem. Save in your word document. Print out one copy and place in basket.

After you have done that,  get a copy of Out of the Dust and read. Tomorrow, you will not meet this class, so get as much reading done as possible. You should try to get to Winter 1935. 



 8th Grade--Begin project in Computer Lab on 3/6/14

For this project you will need to submit the following by March 27, 2014:

Brochure about career/college choice


Cover letter for job application

Job application (you will choose from 6 jobs that we have created)


Here is a sample resume:

 resumeHorace C.docx    



Below you will find the instructions, template, etc. that you need for the project. Your internet links are on the right.

Career Brochure instructions.docx    

Career Brochure template.docx    


Before you write your cover letter, view the ppt:




8th Grade:

For the month of March-

Mon-Witness/related activities

Tues-Precision in Grammar/Writing

Wed-Guest Speaker

Thurs-Computer Lab for Career Project

Fri-Witness/related activities

See me for your interview time for March 28, 2014.


7th Grade:

Have Summer 1934 finished in Out of the Dust. Turn in grammar activities.

Prose/poem due Thursday 3/6/14.


6th Grade:

Personal writing due Thursday 3/6/14.







8th Grade:

Please make sure that you have finished with MAUS and the packet before you begin reading Witness.


7th Grade:

Prose vs. poetry


6th Grade:

Bring yellow workbooks to class on Wednesday.



8th Grade:

As part of our study of historical texts from a first person point of view, we are finishing up with Chapters 5-6 in Maus and doing a project with an excerpt from Night and the poem "First They Came for the Communists." As we compare different types of texts, we will determine theme, tone, and purpose. Have Maus finished by Wednesday and the packet finished by Thursday.

7th Grade:

Photographs tell a story. We have looked at many by Dorothea Lange in connection with the dust bowl. View the ones on the right before we start reading our next text Out of the Dust. Project on photographs with ABCC paragraph are due.

6th Grade:

Have A Step from Heaven finished by Wednesday. We will continue with our grammar mini lessons. There will be a quiz on the novel on Friday after our discussion.




6th Grade

Tenement Museum Virtual Library on Thursday 2/6. Turn in questions at end of class.

7th Grade

Type Bibliography for Martin Luther King Jr. essay.

Your will need to log onto your book to get the information for three of your sources.

The speech "What Is Your Life Blueprint?" was given on October 26, 1967 at Barratt Junior High School, Philadelphia, PA.

8th Grade

3rd Period-Continue reading MAUS and making connections with  Anne Frank, Gerda Klein, and Elie Weisel.

6th Period-We will discuss reading graphic novels after you have taken the quiz on Anne Frank.





 8th Grade,

Be finished with the excerpt from Anne Frank's diary by Tuesday, 1/28.

7th Grade,

Biographies should be finished by Friday, 1/31.

6th Grade,

Read to page 74 in An Na's A Step from Heaven



All classes in Computer Lab Wednesday, 1-15.

6th Grade--Write a letter back home from the point of view of an early 20th century immigrant. Use your notes from the video about Ellis Island. This is part of our introduction to this 9 weeks unit and the American Dream.

7th Grade--Finish your mini research project in which you are explaining what you found out about Martin Luther King's personality from the four primary sources that we used in class. Our 9 weeks unit will focus on non fiction literature and the theme of "Perseverance."

8th Grade--Finish your essay on "Neglected Topics in Social Studies Textbooks." After you have finished, use the rubric for scoring the Georgia State Writing Assessment to score your own essay. Have one peer score it as well.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: 7th Graders, you should bring your biography to class every day.



Welcome back, students. I hope you enjoyed your time with family and friends.

There are some important dates to keep in mind:

1/11/14-Regional Competition P.A.G.E. Academic Bowl

1/18/14-Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Competition

1/22/14-Writing Assessment










6th Grade--If you did not finish with your quiz on Beowulf, please complete and turn in tomorrow.


7th Grade--We now have enough copies of The Giver. Rough drafts and society questions will be checked on Friday.


8th Grade--I have a pdf of A Christmas Carol on the right at the bottom for your convenience. Enjoy.



Please mark these dates in your agenda:

December 11-County Benchmark

December 12-13-School wide writing assessment (Essay Scorer)

December 17-Journal check

December 18-end of 9 weeks test







6th Grade--You did a good job evaluating "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" as a parody and "fracturing" a fairy tale of your own. On November 12, we will take a break from our mini research on mythology and type our fairy tales.


7th Grade--On November 12 and 13, you will be in the computer lab to begin typing your poem. You did a great job using the text as a resource for finding examples for your ABC's of Animalism poem in which you will show me your ability to create rhyme scheme, establish tone with a consistent point of view, insert editorial/critical comments about a text, and distinguish between simple, compound, and complex sentences. This is a major project, so do a great job. Your study of dystopian literature in Animal Farm will be your foundation for the rest of this 9 weeks as we look deeper into "Choices" and evaluate other dystopian texts.



8th Grade--You have considered the question "What is the role of the eyewitness?" and "Is a camera objective?" On November 12 and 13, we will be in the computer lab for a mini research lesson on "The Camera and the Civil War" to prepare us for our reading and evaluation of the Civil War related texts in our Literature book and accompanying resources.


Click on the link below and view the ppt. Follow the directions for Slide #4. Turn in.  When you have finished the ppt. activity, click on the Civil War Resources link on the right and do the mini research activity. You may work with a partner. The mini research activity is due by the end of class on Wednesday.


The Camera and the Civil War.pptx    



8th Grade--Finish reading "This Is Your Brain on Football" on Thursday, November 7, 2013. Begin letter to editor in response to the following topic: Middle schoolers should not be allowed to play contact sports. (This would include cheerleading.)


7th Grade--You will start writing your ABC's of Animalism poem. The objective of this poem is to demonstrate your understanding of point of view, tone, theme, abstract concepts, and sentence structure. The two documents below are the handout from class and my poem. Do not copy any idea from my poem.






6th Grade--You should write your summary of the fairy tale that you are going to "fracture" in your journal on page 35. On page 36, begin your fractured fairy tale. Number all the pages for this story as page 36.





8th Grade-Tell-Tale Heart and The Black Cat. After we finish reading these two stories we will write a comparison/contrast paper AS A CLASS.

Next week, The Hitchhiker and Informational Reading and Writing Response

7th Grade-50 high level vocab words from Animal Farm. These are due Friday. I will also check your "Chapter X". Thanks to all who shared. They were very good.

Next week, Crossword puzzle review, Animal Farm cartoon, project workshop

6th Grade-FINISH "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar"  

Next week,Crossword puzzle review of Dahl's book, Mythology in Literature text.

You did an excellent job on writing theme statements for "The Swan." Thank you.




On Wednesday, I will begin collecting late work/missing assignments:


8th Grade-6th period, there are many of you who have not finished your workbook reading exercises. Please do this ASAP. 8th Grade-3rd period, there are only two students who have incomplete workbook exercises. Check Synergy, please.

7th Grade-Your short constructed response grades on Animalism and Sugar Candy Mountain have been revised. Please check Synergy and turn in any missing work by Friday. You did a fantastic job on the posters. I love them!

6th Grade-I gave you a completion grade on the Sentence Shopping exercise. We will go over those in class on Wednesday. 


All Classes:

Journal Check next week, Thursday,  10/10/13.

 Enjoy your break.










8th Graders,

We will be in the computer lab on Monday and Tuesday, 9/23-9/24, to type our "Flowers for Algernon" literary analysis. Homework on verbals due Tuesday. 6th period, please turn in the handout for the main idea and supporting details of your Innovations article.


7th Graders,

Paragraphs on your Animal Farm character are due (Wed-5th/Thurs-7th). Please synthesize all the details from your character chart. Get with your "row" to peer evaluate.  


6th Graders,

Your paper about Moodville is due. Please place in basket.  Bring your yellow interactive workbooks to class on Thursday, 9-26.





 8th Graders,

Your "Flowers for Algernon" rough draft is due Monday, 9/9/13.

Begin looking for a painting or sculpture from any time period. You may save the image on a flash drive, email it to me, or bring in a hard copy by next Thursday, 9/12/13.

7th Graders,

Don't forget your "It's a Zoo Out There" activity due 9/6/13.









writing icon

8th Graders,

We will be writing our second impromptu assignment in class tomorrow, Friday, 8/30/13. Bring green workbooks to class. You will need them.

7th Graders,

Activity and paragraph on Animals as Characters in Literature is due at end of period Friday, 8/30/13.

Your final draft of essay is due Tuesday, 9/3/13.

6th Graders,

Your rough draft of your essay is due Tuesday, 9/3/13.


Have a great Labor Day weekend.



























8th Graders,

Page 45-46 and 56 from your green workbook are due Tuesday. Tear them out carefully and place in basket at beginning of class on Tuesday. Your thesis statement and 3 topic sentences for your "Flowers for Algernon" paper are also due. We  will begin writing the rough draft of the introduction in class on Wednesday on page 17 in your journal.

There will be a quiz on Friday. It will cover everything that is in the journal and everything we have covered in text and workbook.

7th Graders,

Your name paper is due on Friday. Type or handwrite in blue or black ink.

6th Graders,

You will begin your narrative paper on Wednesday. You will write the rough draft in your journal.




8th Graders,

I have provided a link for the short story "Flowers for Algernon" because our online text book does not have the electronic text of  the story. Please scroll to the bottom of my links on the right to find the story.

7th Graders,

Please have your rough draft completed in your journal for me to check on Friday.

6th Graders,

Bring your yellow workbooks to class. I will give an orange ticket to the class if everyone has a workbook and agenda.















Below you will find your Summer Reading instructions and the supply list for your grade level. 


Summer Reading Program Instructions.pdf    

Summer Reading Program Activities.pdf    

Summer Reading Log.pdf  


8th Grade Supply List.doc    

7th Grade Supply List.doc    

6th Grade Supply List.doc    


7th Graders,

Turn in your Z for Zachariah vocab sheets and bonus points word search.


Thank you students for a great year. Have a safe summer.

~Mrs. Register



8th Graders who are going to Disney,

Please finish your reading. Crossword puzzle will be due on your return. Test last week of school.




Congratulations Homeroom for winning 3rd place in the Olympics competition on Tuesday.


Those 8th grade students who will be out of class for EOCT in math on 5/7 and 5/8 need to make sure they are keeping up with the reading.


7th Grade,

We are beginning our new novel on Monday, 5/6.






Be prepared each day for the CRCT by getting plenty of rest and eating a nutritious breakfast. Bring something to read. Good Luck.

Crossword puzzles are due Monday in 1st, 3rd, and 5th, and on Tuesday in 2nd and 4th.






7th Graders,

Make sure you turn in the work for "The Last Dog." We will be reading sci fi stories all week and comparing/contrasting, not only one to the other, but to the other readings we have done this year as a response to our question, "How can truth be used to deceive?"

6th Graders,

Junior Great Books

8th Graders,

Career Project

Monday-Show me your brochure/get interview time/work on cover letter and resume

Tuesday-Finish cover letter/resume/address envelope

Wednesday-Fill out application

Thursday/Friday-Meet in Theater/Go to interview at designated time





8th Graders, 

You will find some helpful links below for the Career project:


   Career Brochure instructions.docx


  Career Brochure template.docx  






We finished the benchmark in 6th and 7th Grades. We will cue in our answers in I Respond on Tuesday in 8th Grade.

6th Grade in Computer Lab Tues/Wed this week of March 18.

8th Graders-2nd Period--Finish Anne Frank by Friday. Reading Comp test on Friday.

7th Graders-Finish packet on Night by Wednesday.




I have a rash of zeroes for assignments, especially in 6th Grade. Please see me if you have not turned in the Lyddie Research assignment.




If you see a zero for an assignment that you feel you have turn in, please see me. I have papers with no names in 6th and 7th grades.

6th Grade,

Please have Lyddie finished by Tuesday.



Enjoy the February break.


6th Industrial Revolution in Computer Lab

7th Grammar and Writing

8th Finish Power of Pen Test Packet


All Classes, turn in Reading Log this week. Turn in as your finish. All are due by Friday, 2/8/13.

6th Grade--Finish Chapter 13 of Lyddie by end of week. How is Lyddie living the American Dream?

7th Grade--Finish through November 29, 1992 of Zlata's Diary by Friday. Check out a copy if you don't think you can finish in class.  Zlata Filipovic, Jackie Robinson, and Elie Wiesel will be are examples of perseverance. Can you think of non-examples?

8th Grade--We will finish Chapter 24 in Red Badge of Courage by Wednesday. We will read a review of the novel that came out shortly after the novel was published. Why was Crane's novel both influential and controversial?                                                                         



 Homeroom Students,

Please bring the half sheet on your report card packet back to school with parent's signature.

The following items were attached to the report card:

Urgent need for clinic supplies

CRCT info

Receipt for payments made to PMMS last semester

Overdue book notice

Honor Roll party invitation

Citation Free party invitation


ALL MY CLASSES will be in Computer Lab on Monday/Tuesday either writing/doing research.




Students and Parents,

For your convenience, I have provided links to the CRCT Parent Brochure and CRCT Study Guides.




Happy New Year, and welcome back.  Our new themes for the 3rd nine weeks are as follows:

6th Grade--The American Dream

7th Grade--Perseverance

8th Grade--The Power of the Pen







6th Grade--Essay on Beowulf (Handwrite or type final draft at home/due 12-18)

7th Grade--Chapter 8-15 The Giver questions due Monday, 12-17

8th Grade--Chapter 15 RBOC by Monday/Research Computer Lab Monday, Tuesday (12-17--12-18)






Spelling Bee participants for Mrs. Register's classes have been chosen. Please visit the website and study the lists of words. The Spelling Bee will be held Friday, 12-7, in the theater.

7th Graders,

Keep up with the questions comparing the movie Animal Farm to the book. These are due when the movie is completed.


Quiz Bowl,

Our county competition is December 1 at Palmer. Be there at 8:30.


All Students,

If you see that you have a zero for a missing assignment in Pinnacle, PLEASE turn the assignment in.


8th Grade Field Trip is Thursday, November 29.


7th Grade,

On Friday, you may print out your paper. We will finish up our assignments on "The White Circle" and "Harrison Bergeron."

6th Grade,

Extended Response--Benchmark on Friday.

8th Grade,

Extended Response--Benchmark on Friday.


Benchmark Testing Next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday--all grade levels.

7th Graders,

If you did not get a chance to print out your essay, we will print as time allows next week. Your paper will not be considered late, so don't worry if you haven't printed it yet.





8th Graders,

Go to this ppt. at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

 The Camera and the Civil War.pptx    


7th Graders,

Go to the Essay Scorer link on Wednesday. Your prompt is "Napoleon and Oppression."

Please see the following word bank for your essay:  animalfarmwordbankforpaperaboutoppression.docx  





 6th Graders,

Everyone had a chart done on Greek/Roman Gods and Goddesses in the stories that we read. GOOD job on that. Wednesday, 11-7, we will begin our legend (Beowulf) study.

7th Graders,

On Wednesday, you should have your introduction and three body paragraphs ready to type.

8th Graders,

We will add dates to our 19th century time line and begin our reading.






the eye


8th Graders,

Your Poe Newspapers look good. Don't forget your four vocabulary words.Thursday, October 25, will be our last day in the Computer Lab. You may print from my room on Friday while we read "The Necklace," which is another story that will be presented by Chamber Theatre Company.





animals equal





7th Graders,

As we transition into our new unit of study, think about the animals in Animal Farm who let the pigs do their thinking for them. Do people let other people do their thinking for them?

Your tombstone project for a character in Animal Farm is due October 30.






8th Graders,

Everyone has finished sharing invention advertisements in 3rd. We still have a few to share in 2nd. We will do that on Monday. On Friday, 10-19, we will be in computer lab working on our Poe projects.

7th Graders,

Finish your crossword puzzles on Friday. Remain with your original partner. The puzzle is an excellent review of the novel. We will have a test on the novel on Monday. If you want to reveiw any of the chapters, you may use the link in the blog. I enjoyed listening to your "Chapter 11" of Animal Farm.

6th Graders,

You will write a fractured fairy tale on Friday in the Computer Lab. Please click on the link on my blog.





Everyone is in computer lab today.

6th Grade--You will work on a time line that incorporates both fictional and non fictional events from the 1970's using the novel The Liberation of Gabriel King.

7th Grade--You will type your business letter.

8th Grade--Finish your technology paper. Print it. Read "The Raven."












7th--You will type the final draft of your business letter.

8th--You will complete your technology pros/cons essay in ESSAY SCORER.




I hope that everyone has finished their essays in essay scorer. I will put those grades in on Monday, 10/8/12. 

6th Graders need to turn in sentence structure activity.

7th Graders need to turn in graphic organizer on Squealer.

All classes will have a journal check on 10/8/12.



8th Graders ONLY,

  • There has been some confusion about what is due tomorrow, 10-2. The worksheet for "Spoiled" is due. Respond to the questions and write a brief description of your invention. You turn in the worksheet ONLY, not the actual poster. The poster is due 10-12.


  • You also need to view or read an advertisement for tomorrow. Think about the quality of the ad (how it attacts your attention, peaks your interest, etc.) and the type of technique used (i.e.: bandwagon, snob appeal, magical ingredient). Analyzing an ad will give you some insight into the type of persuasive techniques you will use for your invention.


  • Vocabulary projects are due Friday. You are turning in 3 separate activities on three separate words. If you are doing a skit or a jingle, you will be asked to perform.


All classes will be in computer lab on Wednesday, October 3. You may log onto Essay Scorer from home. There is no need to print out your paper. We will print from the computer lab.


8th Graders: Your vocab projects are due Friday, October 5. Invention worksheets are due October 2.


All classes will be in computer lab on Friday, September 21, 2012 and Tuesday, September 25. You will be using ESSAY SCORER, so you may work on your essays from HOME.

TEST--ALL CLASSES--on Wednesday, September 26. This will be on all grammar, writing, and literature that we have covered this 9 weeks. You may use your journals, workbooks, literature texts, and all handouts.





6th Grade--Research Connections to The Liberation of Gabriel King. If you didn't finish your journal entry on Friday, make sure it is done by Monday, Sept. 17.

7th Grade--Finish Reading Guide for Chapters 1 &  2. Grammar connections "Beasts of England." Compare anthem to "Star Spangled Banner" on Monday, Sept. 17.

8th Grade--Finish cartoon strip on invention. Read Luddite article on Monday, Sept. 17.



 6th Graders--Courage Concept Attainment Map is due at end of class 9/10. Memorize the relative pronouns by 9/11. We will begin The Liberation of Gabriel King By K.L. Going.


                  Liberation of Gabriel King



7th Graders--Rough draft of character paper (modeling John Steinbeck in "The Red Pony" is due 9/10. We are starting our reading of Animal Farm by George Orwell.







8th Graders--Finish "Hallucination" as part of our readings on Technology. Next writing assignment: argument paper on Pros/cons of technology.




ALL AC LANG STUDENTS: There will be a unit test on WEDNESDAY, September 26. It will cover ALL reading/writing assignments and all grammar done during class.



ITBS TESTING will continue through Thursday, September 13. Please have a sharpened #2 pencil before testing begins. No food or drinks during testing. All cell phones off.


September 5, 2012

6th Graders--Time Line is due September 12, 2012. Please check the rubric in your journal. Courage Concept Attainment Map will be given out in class on Thursday, 9/6. This will be due at the end of class on Monday, 9/10. We will peer edit our memory papers on 9/11. We will present time lines on 9/12.

7th Graders--Character paper is due in journal Wednesday, September12. We will work on it in class on Monday. We have begun Animal Farm. If you have an e-Book, you may bring it to class. You may also use your cell phone to read. Otherwise, you need to find a copy of the book. I suggest purchasing a used copy or borrowing a copy. Chapters 1-2 Animal Farm will be finished on Wednesday with accompanying assignment. Quiz on Chapters 1-2 on Friday.

8th Graders--If you have not turned in your WATER essay, please do so. There should be a copy in your journal and a copy on my desk.  Vocab project is due October 5.


If you are in Guppy Club, we meet on Tuesdays at 8:15. If you are in Quiz Bowl, we meet on Thursdays at 8:15. Please be on time.






August 29, 2012

6th Grade--If you did not finish typing your personal memory paper, please do so for homework. You may have until Friday, at the beginning of class, to get a copy to me. The rough draft of your time line is due Thursday. 6th Graders will begin registering for their on line text book on Thursday. Journal check on Thursday. Finish "The Red Guard."

Activity--Extended defintion--Courage.

7th Grade--Finish reading the following tales involving animal characters: "Brer Possum" p. 696, "Two Ways to Count to Ten" p. 722, and "The Race Between Toad and Donkey" p. 730. Finish your notes in your journal (p. 13). Read the magazine article "A Real Can of Worms" p. 197 in workbook. On Friday, read the scholarly article "Animals as People in Literature." Timed writing with constructed response.

Student will begin registering for their on line text book on Thursday.

8th Grade--Finish "Flowers for Algernon." Timed writing on Thursday. Vocab/Reading on Friday. Start registering for textbook on Thursday.









August 23, 2012

6th Grade--As we ponder the question "To what extent is a person defined by their experiences," we will each begin writing about an event in our life that has made a significant impact. Keep in mind the experiences of Roald Dahl in his autobiography Boy, Billy Collins in his poem "On Turning Ten," and Sandra Cisneros in her fictional piece "Eleven."  Your rough draft should be in your journal on page 10.


7th Grade--You will have one more day in the computer lab to finish the second draft of your My Name paper. Be sure that you address all of the items in the web we used as a pre-writing strategy. Incorporate information from the magazine article "Name That Child," and model the writers Sandra Cisneros (fictional piece) and Julia Alvarez (autobiographical piece). We will do peer evaluations on Friday and print our papers.


8th Grade--On Friday, you should finish your problem/solution Water essay for the contest. Be sure that you have answered the three questions that you researched earlier in the week: What is stormwater pollution and why is it a problem; What can I do to reduce/prevent stormwater pollution; How can I encourage others to protect lakes, rivers, and streams?

Judges will look at content, clarity, and creativity. You must submit your final draft to me no later than September 14, 2012.


August 15, 2012

6th Grade--Bring your copy of the "The Bicycle and the Sweet Shop" tomorrow. We will finish reading it and make connections to our journal entry about a school memory.


7th Grade--Make sure your web (circle map) of your name is complete: definition, origin, how you got your name, nicknames, problems you encounter with your name, number, color, new name, something that will be named after you.  We will read Julia Alvarez's "Names/Nombres" on Thursday. 4th period, you are a little behind because of lunch schedule. We will read "My Name" before we read "Names/Nombres."


8th Grade--Have a meaningful personal definition of beauty by Thursday. We will do an extended defintion activity and a "Think/Pair/Share" activity with a partner.









Welcome back, students. I am looking forward to the new year.


Units for the first 9 weeks are as follows:

6th Grade AC Language Arts-Making the Mark

7th Grade AC Language Arts-Character

8th Grade AC Language Arts-Imagination, Innovation, Invention


All grade levels will begin a baseline writing piece this week.


Please bring your journals to class EVERY DAY. I do not issue books. We have a class set at school. They are available on line.


Homeroom students,

Please have your parents sign the following items and return to homeroom. We will begin issuing lockers on Wednesday to students who have brought in signed forms.

1. Parent Information Guide

2. Flipped Classroom

3. Peforming Arts

4. Clinic Card

5. Student Information Sheet (if you came to Meet and Greet, you did this)





















WePoetry Booklet due Tuesday. Rough drafts of paragraphs due to get a computer.  poetrybookletformatforparagraphs.docx  





2nd, 3rd, 4th periods:

Your poetry booklet is due Tuesday, May 15, 2012. I gave everyone a copy of the directions in class, but if you have missplaced your copy, click below:


1st period:

The press conference for Jack's arrest will be Thursday, May 10. The trial will begin promptly at 9:30 on Friday, May 11. Please come to class each day prepared!





All packets for Zachary Beaver that are missing from April must be turned in this week. I will have extra packets copied for those of you that have lost the originals. 

The ballad was due on Friday, April 27, but if you turn it in this week, you will receive partial credit.

We will begin our poetry handout on Wednesday, May 2. After we have studied the poetry samples in the text book, we will begin our on poetry booklets. 


AC students,

We will begin working on the trial on Wednesday, May 2. 




If you have not finished your guppy brochure, it's due Friday, March 23.
We will read Zachary Beaver in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods on March 23.
1st period--Rough draft of Mask essay is due Monday, March 26. Don't forget to bring Mask back to class if you have removed it from the basket. Chapter 7 Who Says It? in LOTF tomorrow.

We have finished the group activity using the released state samples of the Georgia Writing Assessment. Remember the characteristics that seem to push a "meets" paper over into the "exceeds" category: specific examples, vocabulary and figurative language, strong sentence structure.

Mark your agendas for March 28, 2012. We will have the final Mock Writing Assessment of the year on that day for 6th and 7th grade.

Homeroom students,
Thanks for your designs for the door. We will vote on Wednesday and start working on it Thursday.

REPORT CARDS go home Wednesday, March 21, 2012.
CITATION FREE Party is March 22, 2012.
Honor Roll Party is March 29, 2012.

3/15/12--Language Arts Section of CRCT practice should be finished by now. We will discuss the reading section and correct the language arts section next week.

3/15/12--All Classes,
1. Don't forget to turn in reading logs. You will get 5 bonus points for each additional reading log that you turn in.
2. Don't forget to turn in your friendly letter.  Business letters are graded and in your portfolios.
3/15/12--2nd, 3rd, 4th  Period Classes,
Chapter 5-8 Reading Guide will be due at the end of class on Friday. Chapter 1-4 reading guide has been graded.
3/15/12--AC Lang Arts,
Students should have Chapter 6 read in LOTF by Friday. There will be a Who Says It? on Chapter 6. Who Says It on Chapters 1- 5 are in your portfolios. Masks are due on Wednesday, March 20. We will begin writing our essays in class on Wednesday, March 20.

AC Lang Arts,
Chapter 3 of LOTF should be finished by Friday at the beginning of class. There will be a reading check quiz on Chapters 1-3 on Friday. You may read your personal novel after finishing the reading check quiz.
2nd, 3rd, 4th Periods,
We will have a verb tense quiz and sentence structure quiz on Friday. You may use your guided quiz to help you and your sentence structure activity from this week to assist you.

2nd, 3rd, 4th Periods,
Make sure you put the graphic organizers or grammar sheets into the basket each day.
We will finish the bubonic plague articles on Tuesday, Feb 21.
We got to the second article in 4th period. The painting by Jan Breugher is fascinating, isn't it?
1st Period,
Finish Chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies. Finish the Who Says It? for Chapter 1 and the vocab by Tuesday, Feb 21.

We will be working in our Literature text in Unit 8 (Reading for Information) this week. Outlines on "What Do You Know About Sharks" will be finished in class tomorrow, 2-14. 
Everyone should be finished with the informational reading text packet by now.
Progress reports go home on Friday.

POWER POINTS and PRESENTATIONS continue next week (Feb. 6-10).  GRAMMAR and SENTENCE STRUCTURE will be worked into each day.

WORKS CITED PAGE and note cards were due Friday, February 3. You may turn in the worksheet for your survivor story on the day you present. Works Cited Pages and note cards turned in after 2/3/12 will be considered late.

We have made it through some Power Point Presentations, but we still have lots to go. The following numbers represent ppts. already given.
1st Period--6
2nd Period--10
3rd Period--10
4th Period--12

If you do not finish your project on Friday, January 27, you will need to work on it at home.

We will have a test on reading for information/research skills on Monday, January 30.

On Tuesday, January 31, we will have on more day to edit/finalize project (1st period in Media Center and 2nd, 3rd, 4th with lap tops). On Wednesday, February 1, we will begin presentations. HAVE YOUR SURVIVOR STORIES READY and POWER POINTS READY TO GO!!!

The rubric that I will be using next week to grade the many components of your research project is below. I will keep your signed copy in the classroom.


Your maps are so good! Mrs. Steiner will start scanning those today. As soon as they are scanned, you will be able to access them via your student number on studrive. You will use these beautiful, detailed maps in your power point. If you are in Band and were absent from class on Friday, you need to turn your map in on Monday. Some students in 4th period need to finish coloring their oceans.

Now that we are finished with Research Day 3 in Media Center, here are some things I'd like to emphasize:
1. It's of the utmost importance that you keep up with your index cards and handouts. If you feel that you are not responsible enough to take them out of the media center, LEAVE your bag of cards in your crate on the counter.
2. Document EVERY source. Some sources are already documented, and you need only copy and paste the citation in your Works Cited Page. If you have to create the documentation yourself, go to Citation Buider.
3. Start a new card with every article.

Welcome back, students. I am so excited that we get to begin our research unit next week. Your goals for this project are to 1) create an island that doesn't already exist by researching nearby countries; 2) write a story about survivors that crash on your island. The story must have a historical connection.

Time Line for Research:
January 13--Coordinates of island, nearby countries, ocean written in journal
January 17--Mrs. Harris' orientation
January 18--Begin research in media center. Take notes on note cards. I'll provide these.
January 19--Status check on research and cards.
January 20--Scaled drawing of island due to Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Steiner for scanning.
January 23--Continue research of countries and historical connection for story.
January 24--Finish research. Status check.
January 25--Begin Power Point.
January 26--Status check on power point.
January 27--Finish project.

ALL CLASSES: Reading Logs are due 12/22/2011. REG LANG ARTS may do a reading log on WALK TWO MOONS. AC LANG ARTS may do a reading log on THE GIVER as your second reading log only.

We have finished our novels for the 2nd 9 weeks in both classes: The Giver in AC Language Arts and Walk Two Moons in Reg Language Arts. Please make sure that all assignments related to the literature and persuasive writing activities have been placed in your baskets by 12/22/2011.

AC Classes,
Finish the Open Book Review Test of Chapters 8-15 of The Giver. Please turn in your review of Animal Farm, the movie, if you have not already done so. 
4th, 5th, 6th Period Classes,
We have written the first two paragraphs of our persuasive essay Cats vs. Dogs. Please have your 3rd and 4th paragraphs written by Thursday, December 8. We will continue with Walk Two Moons on December 9.

AC Classes,
Have Chapter 5 of The Giver read by Wednesday. There will be a short reading check quiz.  

4th, 5th, and 6th Periods,
Many of you have not turned in the writing assignment about the symbolism of the wool pooh in The Watsons Go to Birmingham. The assignment required you to 1) summarize a reference in which Kenny talks about the wool pooh, 2) interpret what the wool pooh symbolizes, and 3) analyze the importance of the wool pooh to Kenny. Because this writing assignment counts as an essay grade, your grade has dropped significantly if you did not turn this in. Please do so ASAP for late credit! 

Also, I am checking the portfolios in ESSAY SCORER for the persuasive piece on the school issue, so make sure your essay is completed and ready for me to read. 
Good job analyzing dependent clauses in complex sentences. We will have another check quiz on Wednesday.
4th, 5th, and 6th Periods,
Your Bingo Projects on The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963 are due Friday, November 18, 2011.

AC Classes:
Your paper about Napoleon the Dictator is due on Friday, 11/4 and your ABC's of Animalism poem is due 11/9.  Type these assignments as a word document.

All classes will be in the computer lab on Wednesday, November 2 to finish personal narratives and begin the second assignment in essay scorer which is a persuasvie piece. We will have one more day in the lab, November 7, to finish the persuasive piece. You may work on this at any time from home simply by clicking on the link for essay scorer below. The final due date for the persuasive paper is Tuesday, November 15. If you do not have internet access, come in before school and meet me in the computer lab. You do not have to print your paper from home, I can print it from school.

All  classes will be in the computer lab on Wednesday, October 19 to type personal narratives. We will use essay scorer. Go to  
Your id is your lunch number and your password is cobb2012.

All Classes, 
Turn in your crossword puzzle reviews for your novel (AC-Animal Farm & Reg Ed The Watsons Go to Birmingham). We will have a review on Thursday with related grammar and non fiction readings.
AC Class, your tombstone project is due Tuesday, October 26.

AC Class,
Finish reading Chapter 9 in Animal Farm. Do the questions for Chapter 8 and 9 on your reading guide. You may begin the review on the back. We will finish Chapter 10 next week.
Reg Ed Classes,
Watsons Go to B'ham tomorrow with Focus Your Reading questions. Turn in any work that you have not turned in for late credit. 

All Classes,
If you did not finish the grammar activity with word bank in class before reading time started, finish it for homework. Those of you who got an incomplete on your rough draft on Thursday may show it to me Friday to up your score.





All Classes,
Paired Peer Review activity is due Wednesday, 9/28. This is the review you did of your partner's 4 Square. If you did not finish it in class on Tuesday, it must be finished by Wednesday. You will have 20 minutes to work on the revision of your rough draft on Wednesday. Your 2nd rough draft of the personal narrative is due THURSDAY, 9/29/2011.

Reg Ed Classes:
Chapters 7-8 Watsons Go to B'ham
AC Class
Chapter 7 Animal Farm

All Classes,
In cooperation with The Bert Show, we will be writing letters to send to our troops who are deployed outside the United States. Their goal is to have 385, 519 letters by November 1 to send to the troops by Thanksgiving Day. In our letters, we will be thanking them for what they are doing and giving them a little taste of home. We will begin the rough drafts of these letters in class. There are specific guidelines to follow. Your letter will be due October 14.

AC Classes,
You should have Chapter 6 of Animal Farm completed by Friday, September 23rd.

 The due date for the Time Line has been changed to Friday, September 23rd. Please follow instructions.    Instructions for Time LineName.doc  

Language Arts Skills TEST on possessives, contractions, superlative/comparative degrees of adjectives, and sentence diagramming on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

3rd Period--Read Chapter 3 in Animal Farm by Tuesday.

Any of Mrs. Register's students who have not registered for the on-line textbook need to let me know. I will give you instructions to take home.

4th period students will do their self/peer editing at beginning of class on Friday. Anyone in 5th or 6th period who has not turned in a typed copy of "My Name" needs to do so by Friday, 9/9.
4th,5th, 6th Periods will read Chapter 3 in Watsons Go to Birmingham.

AC Language Arts,
Chapter 2 in Animal Farm on Friday, 9/9.

AC Language Arts,
Write about Old Major's character as a leader in Animal Farm in your journal. Make sure you talk about his persuasiveness and political point of view.

Students in 4th, 5th, 6th periods 
Don't forget to turn in your papers using your sensory detail chart about your "street" by Thursday, September 1.

AC Language Arts Class,
I am in the process of gettng a few more copies of Animal Farm to our class set. If you have a copy, please bring it class by Tuesday, September 6.

We are in the lab on August 23 to type our "My Name" papers. If time permits, please register for the online textbook. 


You may access the syllabus for AC and Reg. Ed classes by clicking the links below:

Don't forget to bring your composition book to class. This will be our journal.
Summer Reading projects are due 9/16.


Test on Chapters 16-23 in The Giver Monday, May 16. Final Essay test Monday, May 23.
Projects due May 19 and 20. We will work on projects in class on the 17 and 18.

Test on Chapters 8-15 in The Giver on Monday, May 9.
Continue to answer questions from Society handout as they relate to the novel.
Keep up with your "dictionary" entries for Jonas's community.

4/26 Container Poetry Project due in 2nd and 5th Periods
4/20 Quiz on the rest of Out of the Dust--All Classes
4/12-4/4/18 CRCT Testing. Reading and Language Arts on Monday and Tuesday.

3/31-CRCT Reading Practice. Finish poetry project 4/1. We will resume reading Out of the Dust after spring break.

Poetry project

All classes,
Journal check on 3/17.
Your next project will be a poetry project. We will begin talking about poetry next week.

Students in 2nd and 5th periods,
Your newspapers were fun to read. I think the rest of the 7th grade and the teachers are going to enjoy reading them. For those of you who have not seen these, they are posted near Admin 1, the "old" front office and the big guppy tank. Grades for newspapers will be among your first grades for 4th nine weeks.

3/ 15 To those students who made up your missing work, thank you. The grades will be posted by Friday afternoon.

Academic Detention forms are due in Homeroom. Our first sessions are 3/10 morning and afternoon.

March 9,
All TIC TAC TOE projects are due today. Put posters on wall. Turn everything else in to basket after you present.
Homework: Read pp. 130-135 in BLUE WORKBOOK. Answer questions 1-4 at end of story.
AC Classes, you will will part of today and all of tomorrow to finish the rough drafts of your articles for the newspaper. These may be typed at home, and reformatted in the computer lab on 3/14. All articles must be finalized and typed and ready to go in paper by end of period 3/14.

March 4, 2011
AC classes,
Your newspaper articles will be due (in journal) on March 14. On that day we will be in the computer lab to type (you may do this at home and bring in on a jump drive) and lay out the newspaper. Please stay in touch with your editor about the work that your group expects you to do. I will give you class time to work on these on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week.

All classes,
Your four Tic Tac Toe grammar activities are due Tuesday, March 8. Each activity is worth 25.

We are continuing to review and practice for the CRCT. There will be a Language Arts practice test on Monday. Please do your very best. We will keep a chart of our progress.

February 18, 2011
You did quite well on our first CRCT practice test. Good job. Have a great break and come back ready to work. We will be practing grammar, writing, and reading skills during the month of March.

February 9, 2011,
Conduct an interview with a person whom you admire. Bring back signed forms. Follow the proper procedures for interviewing your subject. We will type our transcripts in the computer lab on Monday, February 14, 2011.

February 3, 2011
We are getting to the last presenters for the power points. We have gotten better, I think, with our editing skills. Remember that good writers edit constantly and strive to have consistency in their writing. We have started talking about helping verbs so be ready for your quiz on Friday, Feb. 4.

January 28, 2011
We have started presenting power points. Be sure to turn in your power point slide sheet, the rough draft of your map, and your index cards with research/survivor story on the day you present. There are still some of you who have not turned in a Works Cited page to me. These were due Friday, January 21. This has greatly affected your grade if you have not turned this in!

Guppy brochures will be printed out next week. If you need to add anything to your brochure, please come in early and use the computer lab, or come to my room.

We will continue to do assessment activities on research, editing, and citing sources during the days we present power points.

I am enjoying your power points in progress. Some of you have put much thought and work into these.  We will have one more day in the Media Center to work on our power points. Monday, January 24 is the last day. Please, please work at home if you do not feel that you can meet the deadline. I will collect note cards and Works Cited page on Monday.  We will begin presenting our power points on Wednesday, January 26. We will draw names to see who presents, so be READY to go.

Wednesday is the Supplemental Writing Test. Please bring a number 2 pencil and a blue or black pen to school. We will write duing homeroom. These are the essays that are scored off site, and these scores will be used by 8th grade teachers next year. DO YOUR VERY BEST.

Welcome Back, Students! Islands are due for scanning.

We will be in the media center through January 24 to do our research. We have Tuesday and Wednesday, January 18 and 19, to finish our research. We will begin working on power points on Thursday, January 27. Don't forget to bring your index cards to the media center. Be a good researcher and use your time wisely.

Due to school closings, our research time frame will be adjusted when we are back in the media center. Not to worry, students. We will still have the same amount of time to finish our research before we begin our power points. Don't forget to bring a drawing of your island when you come back. Since you have had such a LONG time to work on these, the drawings will be exceptional. I'm sure of it. :) Enjoy the snow.  ~Mrs. Register

Suggested Time Frame for Research Jan. 6-14:

Thursday—Island notes, Begin Searching countries. Take notes.

Friday—Continue taking notes on geographical features, water sources, and climate. Begin reading about plants and animals. Take notes. Homework—draw island.

Monday—Bring island picture for Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Steiner to scan. Continue taking notes on plants and animals. Homework—work on cards about survivors.

Tuesday—Finish up with all note taking/Go back to sites that you needed to revisit. Make sure you have all your sources documented. Make sure coordinates of island are correct. Homework—work on cards about survivors.

Wednesday—Do slides 1-7 of power point.

Thursday—Do slides 8-15 of power point.

Friday—Edit Works Cited Page. Copy and paste to power point. Do spell check on all slides. Edit. Turn in check list.

RESEARCH in Media Center January 6 through 14.
All students will report to the Media Center for classes during this time. Bring your three handouts for research with you everyday to class. I will provide 3 X 5 notecards. If you plan to do research at home, be sure to take extra notecards. Your island is due Monday, January 10.

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday. We will be doing our research in the Media Center when we return to school on January 4. We will have four days for research and 3 days to prepare our power points. On Tuesday, we will determine the coordinates of our island, the type of ship (cargo, expedition, military) that will wreck on our island, the time period (1300's to 1600's) in which it will take place. Your island, remember, will be in the "path" of this ship, so you must determine the ship's destination/purpose. BRING YOUR SOCIAL STUDIES BOOKS TO CLASS ON TUESDAY. Your research will begin with your island.

1 st/6th Periods,
If you have not completed your response to Chapters 3/4 in The Watsons Go to Birmingham, you need to turn in by Monday, December 13.
2nd/5th Periods,
Your ABC's of Animalism poems were really good. A few of you did not have yours on Friday. They may be turned in for a letter grade off on Monday.

Congratulations to Quiz Bowl students for making over 1200 points on the Great Auk Challenge.

1st and 6th Periods finish paragraph on Kenny's "personal saver" in class Tuesday, December 7.
Sentence Structure Test in all periods on Thursday, December 9.
Rough Draft of ABC's of Animalism due Thursday, December 9 AC classes only.
Final Draft of ABC's of Animalism due Friday, December 10 AC classes only.

Spelling Bee December 2.

Definition Paper Rough Draft for 1st/6th Periods due Friday, December 3. The topic is "Home." We will begin working on the draft in class on Wednesday.

Test on Animal Farm in 2nd/5th Periods Thursday, December 2.
ABC's of Animalism Poem due Friday, December 10.

Check Point Quiz Language Arts Tuesday, November 30.

Computer Lab Monday and Tuesday, November 15-16.

Alice in Wonderland Jr. Friday and Saturday, November 12-13.

Rough Drafts Thursday, November 11.

Zoo Atlanta Wednesday, November 10.

Begin Persuasive Essay Tuesday, November 9.

Post Test Monday, November 8.

Mock Writing Assessment Monday, November 1.
1st/6th Periods, have speech ready to give on Monday, Nov. 1.
AC Classes, have Chapter 8 read by Wednesday.

October 28 Grammar/Sentence Structure Quiz in 1st and 6th periods. Study session on the 27 at 8:15 if you need some extra help.

No Quiz Bowl practice on October 28.

October 27 Diagnostic quiz in ALL classes on run-on sentences. The run-on sentences are out of control, students. Having control of punctuation is an important skill for a successful business and creative writer. You don't want those application letters to future jobs and colleges to be rife with glaringly obnoxious run-on sentences!

October 21
AC students have Chapter 5 in Animal Farm read. Brief quiz.

October 20
1st and 6th periods correct grammar practice quiz for bonus points.

October 14
AC students need to have Chapter 4 read by Friday, October 15.
All students must have rough draft of testimonial in journal to be checked on Friday, October 15.

October 8
Students are reading anchor books in First and Sixth periods. You will read the anchor book until finished. Reading log must be filled in for every reading session (always on Fridays but we may have time on other days to read for a few days).

AC Students, you will need a copy of Animal Farm by Monday, October 4. As I have told you, these copies do not have to be new. If you cannot borrow a copy, please check a used book store before you purchase a new one.

Students, you should always have a novel with you on Fridays. We will have protected reading time each Friday. You will turn in reading logs to me by next Wednesday, October 6.

We did our first portfolio check/reflection on September 30. The reflection is due no later than Friday, October 1. We will do a portfolio check each 9 Week period.

Our First 9 Weeks journal check will be on Wednesday, October 6.

September 16, 2010
Remember that rough drafts are due in class on Friday, September 17. We will be doing self-evaluations and peer evaluations. Bring your chapter book to class. You will have reading time. Please keep up with your reading log.

We will have the computer lab on Monday and Tuesday, September 27 and 28, to type our personal narratives.

September 7, 2010
Advanced Content students will need to have a copy of Animal Farm by George Orwell by October 1. I love to recycle books, so please arrange to borrow a copy or visit a used book store.

All summer reading projects have been collected and posted. Because the due date was nearly a month after the start of school, late projects will not be accepted.

I will be having a Help Session on Wednesday, 9-15-10, for those who did not do well on the sentence structure practice quiz. So far only one person has signed up.  We will have a sentence structure quiz on 9-16-10.

If you did not finish reading "The Last Dog" on Thursday, 9-2-10, finish it for homework by going to your on line book. Finish the "visualizing" side of your reading guide.

Students new to the class should turn in an account of an "unpleasant" experience with a doctor or dentist next week. This little narrative should be handwritten and include sensory details and at least one example of dialogue.


My name is Ms. Frisbee, and I am excited to be joining Mrs. Register's Language Arts classes this fall as a student intern.  I am currently a student at Kennesaw State University, working toward my Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary English.  After being at Pine Mountain this week, I can already tell that this is going to be a wonderful experience.  I am looking forward to the rest of the semester!

~ Ms. Frisbee 


Congratulations to all the cast and crew of the musical. I look forward to working with you and Mrs. Madsen.


Quiz Bowl practice starts Thursday, September 2 at 8:15 in my classroom. Returning members may bring friends who are interested in trying out.


Have you had an unpleasant experience with a doctor or dentist? After reading Roald Dahl's "A Visit to the Doctor," we reflected on our own experiences and filled in a 4 Square graphic organizer. On Thursday, August 26, we revised our papers. Turn these in to the basket when finished. These are due by August 27.

Test on sentence structure will be on Thursday, September 2. Turn in study guides for points on Monday. These will be given back to you.


During the week of August 9 through 13, we began our work on our first essay, "My Name." We organized all the information we collected through interviews, research, and brainstorming into a web in our journal. Using our webs (maps, clusters), we began our first draft. During each class period, we had a "writing workshop" in which we wrote, shared, revised, and wrote some more. We have implemented the pre-writing, rough draft, and revision components of the writing process.

This Monday and Tuesday, August 16 and 17, we will be in the Computer Lab typing our "My Name" papers.  This marks the revision, final draft, and editing stages of the process. 

Wednesday, August 18, we will share our papers and arrange them on the bulletin board. Sharing and displaying are forms of publishing, the last stage of the writing process.

Way to go, students! You have written your first essay for 7th grade language arts.

Welcome back students!

I hope you had some memorable summer adventures and are now ready to get back to work.

We will begin the year with a paper about our names. Taking our cue from writers, Julia Alvarez and Sandra Cisneros, we will write a  paper about our names.  Talk to your parents about your name. You are sure to find out some interesting information. Listen. Take notes. There is a little story about your name.

Look up your name in a "baby" name dictionary or go on line to This particular website will even give you titles of songs that reference your name.

Think about some of the challenges you face regarding your name. Do people mispronounce or misspell it? Do you ever wish you had another name?

We will begin writing about our names next week.

Please get a composition book. This will be your journal.

Summer reading projects are due September 3.  Projects brought in by August 13 will receive bonus points.  Remember that you must turn in a reading log and one project.