Welcome to Mr. Spratt's Science Class!Mr. Spratt Rock Climbing at Looking Glass Rock

Welcome to the CPS web page for Mr. Spratt.  I am excited to be teaching Science at such a wonderful school.  I taught science for three years at Waddell High School, specializing in Biology and Physics.  I am a graduate of Purdue, where I published several papers on bio-informatics, E. coli, and proteomics.  While at Purdue I started a program that brought college science students in to the local high schools to teach a fun lesson.  Through this program I realized that many students are not given appropriate science instruction.  I quickly began looking for a way to get in to teaching, and I have made it my mission to provide exceptional science instruction to all students.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year at Charlotte Prep and have big plans for the upcoming year.






Science News

Verizon just bought up a bunch of the elecromagnetic spectrum, but does it really matter?

A little bit about the Curiosity Rover and the 17 Cameras on Board.

It only gets 30mb a day data transfer.