Week of August 6, 2014



 We are all so excited to begin our 2014-2015 school year soon!


If you are already looking for school supplies please just buy the basic things such as loose leaf paper (college rule), pencils and a black pen, jump drive, combination lock and ear buds to cover the first week of school until your student receives the supply list from all their teachers.


Students will need the following for my math class:


Loose leaf paper (College Rule)

#2 Pencils (at least a dozen)

Notebook Dividers

Jump Drive (can be used for many subjects)

Ear Buds ( can be found in Dollar Store)

Combination Lock for their locker (can be found in Dollar Store)

2 inch notebook


If they would like to purchase their own protractor for later in the year is fine. 


I am looking forward to meeting everyone Open House Night (TBA)!


Mrs. Dubberly