Welcome to the 4th marking period! I am teaching 8th, 7th and 6th grade classes for the final quarter.

Our 8th grade students will be looking at Air Quality Data and its effect on different cities.  We will also work on areas of weakness based upon the Atomic Learning assessment.  This is given to ALL 8th grade students and counts as their State 8th grade Technology Proficiency Score. 

Our 7th grade lessons are based upon an assessment given through www.AtomicLearning.com.  Each of my students has his/her own username and password for this site.  They can access it from home for 24/7 online tutorials.  

Our 6th grade students will be participating in lessons that create a strong foundation in Technology Literacy.  All lessons are based upon the NJCCCS in Technology.


I have will also continue to introduce my classes to Computer SCIENCE through the "Hour of Code Project."  For more information about code, click HERE.


Mrs. Melanie Lisitski

Technology Instruction

Middle Township Middle School

609-465-1834 x 4751

 EMAIL ~ lisitskim@middletwp.k12.nj.us


Important dates -

Last Day~ June 24