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While you are enjoying your summer, please think about responsible use of technology for your child(ren).  I have several links on my "Tech Tips for Parents" page.  I also found this very interesting and the last line is definitely truthful in my own house...

From Tech & Learning's eNews - "With the end of the school year upon us, the most pressing issue for parents these next few weeks will be how to keep the kids from being screen zombies. The Tech&Learning news-feed turned up some answers this weekend. Dan Florell and Praveena Salins posted this in the Richmond Register: "The trick is to get kids to limit their own screen time by offering other appealing options during the summer." This short piece from WNDU in South Bend, IN recommends using apps and services that monitor and control when the devices will work. Then there is Nanea Hoffman in the Washington Post that takes the laissez faire approach: "Our screens don’t isolate us from one another – they are another medium through which we interact." As for me, I just pull the plug from the Wifi and shoo them outside!"
Kevin Hogan, Content Director 


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Important dates -

June 17, 18, 19, 22, 23 ~ Early Dismissal Days

June 22 ~ 8th grade Promotion Ceremony

June 23 ~ Last day of 2014-15 School Year