Current Events Assignment:
Each week, on Friday, students are asked to read, summarize, and provide an opinion about an article focusing on technology. The emphasis of this activity is to have students think critically about what impacts new / changing technology will have on the society they are about to become a bigger part of. 

Below you will find a list of articles that are available to choose from seperated by date. In the event you are absent the assignment is due the next day you return to school.

Week of March 16th

  • Behold it Folds
    Do you think that folding tablets or other styles may entice more users of tablet computers? Would you buy a tablet computer that folds? Do you think more tablets will be made to fold?
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica ends print, goes digital
    Encyclopedia's have long been a focal point in Libraries as tools for research. The year marks the last year that you can get a print version of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. What impact do you think this will have? Considering how many users use Wikipedia will anyone even notice? 
  • Watch out Comcast, here comes Intel
    There has long been only on cable provider bringing television into your home. Intel wants to change all that with its own cable service.  Intel plans to release an internet driven TV service like HULU. Do you think people will change from their standard cable provider? How would you react if your TV froze like a YouTube video during your favorite TV Show or Sporting Event?

Week of March 2nd

  • Cyber crime will eclipse Terrorism
    FBI states that cybercrime and identity theft will be a larger threat than terrorism in the coming years. Do you think cybercrime is as dangerous or has the effects that terrorism can? Why or why not?
  • Password Problems
    Most people choose very simple passwords so they can remember them. What would happen if any of your accounts were accessed by someone else? What about your relatives? What if someone logged into a family members bank account and took all the money becuase they used a simple password? What suggestions would you offer to friends and family about passwords? 

Week of Feb. 17th

  • Facebook Worm steals 45K user profiles
    With so many people putting so much personal information on Facebook, does it worry you to know that the service is very vulnerable to attack. People have the presumption that the service is secure, but no online service is truly safe. Would the recent attacks on Facebook cause you to limit your interactions with the service?
  • Full Ban on Cell Phones in Cars
  • The federal government at the urging of the NTSB is pushing for a national law that bans the use of any electronic device in a car while it is in motion, even with a hands free device. Do you think this should be a law? How should it be enforced? How would you address the problems with enforcement cited in the article? What should the penalty for using a phone to text or call someone while driving be?

Week of Feb. 10th

  • 7 Charged as FBI Closes a Top Filesharing Site
    Considering the sites operated outside of the US do you think the Justice Department has jurisdiction to arrest the operators of the site? The site only provides users with space to store online files they upload. The site has no direct control over the files the users upload. Should it be held responsible for what its users do with that space? What about web hosting companies, should they be responsible for what their users publish? What about facebook and tumblr? 
  •  SOPA
    This bill could fundamentally change the landscape of the iternet in the United States (Remember this only effects the United States). If this bill passes you might attempt to visit a site and be presented with a (SOPA VIOLATION) message that blocks your access to the site. The internet was founded on Free Speech and sharing Ideas. This bill essentially brings that to a stop in the US and is being compared to how the Chinese filter the internet for thier citizens. What's worse sites that are hosted outside of the US will still go on functioning, we just won't be able to get to them. You no longer get to decide what you visit on the Internet.