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6th Grade Language Arts

6th Grade Literacy Support

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Paragraph from class 1/12/16

My family is from New York.  I grew up in an old house on a busy street.  We used to play in the back yard.  My family influences me even today.  I am like I am largely because of them.  I am the same religion as my family; I like a lot of the same things that they like.  Many of my favorite things and interests are because of them.  I traveled because of them and learned about different places.  That is how my family culture influences me.





Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts and/or 6th Grade Lit. Support! We have a challenging and exciting year ahead of us. In the next nine months, our journey will include taking a look at grammar and mechanics, improving our writing skills with the use of portfolios, making connections between thematic units and texts, working on problem solving skills, taking risks as communicators, as well as using technology to increase our experience while reading and writing.




Expectations for the classroom: In order for our classroom to  be successful, here are some expectations I have for all students.



1.) Respect. You have to respect yourself as a learner, your peers, and the teacher. We will discuss what respect means in the first days of class.


2.) Read. You have to read. Reading increases comprehension levels, increases vocabulary, and allows you to use imagination.


3.) Revise. You have to constantly revise everything. You must revise your writing for improvements, revise what you are reading to make sure you are challenged, revise who you are respecting, and how you are respecting them.


Grades: Grades will be determined based on homework, quizzes, test/essays, and participation in class.



      Homework: 5-10 points each


                        Tests/ Essays: 100-150 points each


                        Quizzes: 20-55 points


                        In class activities/participation: 5points each day





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