It is a universally acknowledged truth that children love to see photos of themselves in the newspaper and on the internet.  For a brief moment, they're famous!

The purpose of our News/Publicity website is to provide our students with the chance to be recognized for their achievements beyond the walls of the classroom.  Additionally, we are pleased to have the opportunity to commend our teachers on the many wonderful activities they organize and oversee throughout the school year.

Please use the choices at right to check in on our Middle School, Elementary School, Primary School and Sports.  We're also working on adding archived news from the past few years.

If you have any photos or other news that you would like to submit to the DTSD Publicity Committee, please send an email with attached photos/news to either Alexis Flack (aflack@dennistwpschools.org ) or Anthony McCurdy (amccurdy@dennistwpschools.org ).

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