Make Life your Lab!!


Prepare To Be Challenged




Expect To Succeed!


Science Fair Projects are due this week! 

All boards for Blue(odd) days are due on Thursday October 9th. 

All boards for Silver(even) days are due on Friday, October 10th. 

If the board is late,

the student loses 25% credit! 

Forgot the board set-up?  Find it here  science board format.docx  

Be on time, be complete, be fantastic!

Welcome to Advanced and Gifted Science class!


This year is going to be an exploration into 21st century science.  Each class has their own tab to the right.  Please look there for updates in the class.


 Each student will receive an introductory letter and supply list.  One the back are the expectations for the class.  Please sign  the acknowledgement of expectations and return to class.


Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions. My email address is


To set up a conference or to contact me via phone, call the school at (239)574-5257.