May 13-17


Monday: Age of Enlightenment








Friday: Field Trip SWPoint




May 6-10  Ancient Japan


Monday:Study Weekly map




Wednesday:  Review world history bingo


Thursday:  9wks test






April 29-May 3  Ancient Japan


Monday: Introduction to ancient Japan-PAGE 445-1ab, 2a, 3ab.  3a must have at least 2 ways.


Tuesday:  Japanese art and culture-The Tale of Genji-inclass group activity


Wednesday: Compare and contrast Medieval Europ and Medieval Japan


Thursday:  Venn Diagram Europe and Japan


Friday: Origami Cranes



April 22-26  TCAP REVIEW


Monday: TCAP review


Tuesday:  TCAP


Wednesday:  TCAP


Thursday:  TCAP

Friday: TCAP


April 8-12  The Renaissance


Monday: Review Ranaissance-notes on explorers


Tuesday: Exploration during the Renaissance




Thursday:  Triangular trade-cultural diffusion

Friday:  Final-the Renaissance



April 1-5  The Renaissance


Monday: Read aloud study weekly 25, guided notes on the Renaissance


Tuesday: Exploring Renaissance art


Wednesday:  Read aloud-Study Weekly-The Refomation


Thursday:  Content worksheet Study weekly 25/26, Vocabulary quiz list 1-tomorrow

Friday:  Vocabulary list 1 quiz



March 11-15 Mesoamerica


Monday: Mayans, Page 473 1ab, 2b, 3abc


Tuesday:  Mayan film, introduce Aztecs


Wednesday: Student teaching: Aztecs and Inca


Thursday: Study Weekly: Worksheet 1 and 4 core colleted, 2 and 3 core due tomorrow

Friday:  Introduce the Renaissance



March 11-15  Middle Ages


Monday: The Crusades, study weekly-Content  Worksheet


Tuesday:  The Black Death-Comprehension Worksheet


Wednesday: The 100 Years War and Joan of Arc notes


Thursday: Study Guide

Friday:  Final-Middle Ages



March 4-8  Middle Ages


Monday: William the Conqueror-PAGE 511-1B & 2


Tuesday:  Feudal system-PAGE 511-3A&B, Middle Ages Vocabulary list 1 quiz


Wednesday: Quiz


Thursday: Study weekly read aloud-Content worksheet

Friday: Notes and discussion-Magna Carta and religion in the Middle Ages



February 19-22


Monday:  4 Major trade routes, Silk Road, Mediterranean, Persian, African


Tuesday: QUIZ-trade routes.  Introduce Middle Ages


Wednesday:  Notes on the Charlemagne and the Vikings.  Page504-2ab, 3ab


Thursday: Introduce feudalism and William the Conqueror

Friday: 9 weeks test-Review of this year's material-Open notes



February 19-22


Monday:  No school.


Tuesday:Monguls-PAGE 430 1A,B,C


Wednesday:  Mongolian conquest, Kublai Khan.  Write a paragraph using geographic terms and names (countries, cities, seas, oceans, rivers, mountain ranges...) to describe the size and location of the Mongul empire. Use pg 425 to help guide your answer.


Thursday: Silk Road

Friday: Marco Polo


February 11-14

Monday:  World religions.  REVIEW WORKSHEET


Tuesday:  World religions review game.


Wednesday:  Final on world religions


Thursday: African trade routes-Study weekly worksheet



February 4-8


Monday:  Study guide for Roman final.


Tuesday: Final on Rome, be prepared to write a few sentences on: Describe Roman gov't from the Republic until the fall of the Roman empire.


Wednesday:  Characteristics of Islam. Map activity


Thursday: Characteristics of Islam


Friday:  Characteristics of Islam-STUDY WEEKLY ACTIVITY SHEET DUE MONDAY


January 28-February 1- Roman Culture


Latin in our life project due Wednesday the 30th.

Your assignment is to find an example of how Latin is still in use today.  Your example could be from science, medicine, the scientific name of a plant or animal, legal terminology, a saying or expression, etc…  You will write your choice in Latin and English on a piece of unlined or colored paper.  If you wish, you may illustrate it or attach a picture.  Be creative try to find something different and interesting.  You will be graded on: neatness, effort, and creativity.  Your example of Latin in our life is due Wednesday, January 30th.


Monday:  Characteristics of ChristianityTimes line sheet due Monday


Tuesday: Characteristics of Christianity


Wednesday:  The fall of the Roman Empire


Thursday:  Writing prompt-in class


Friday:  Classical period of Greece and Rome.


January 22-25 Roman Culture


Monday:  no school


Tuesday: Discuss Roman republic.  Write a paragraph: Did the Roman government do a good job representing all citizens, why or why not?  Please use Roman vocabulary in your response.


Wednesday:  Vocabulary quiz 1 and map review 4 river cultures


Thursday: Finish Study Weekly activity, Roman Republic v/s Roman Empire.  TIME LINE SHEET DUE MONDAY




January 14-18 Roman Culture


Monday:  Pretest on Roman Empire, Ancient history jeopardy.


Tuesday: Read and discuss Roman Study Weekly, in class map activity.


Wednesday:  no school


Thursday: Notes branches and jobs of Roman Gov't


Friday: no school



January 7-11 Greek Culture


Monday:  Study Weekly map and Greek activity sheet


Tuesday: Vocabulary, Government quiz


Wednesday:  Read aloud and discuss Study Weekly 10 &11


Thursday:  In groups complete study guide for Greece test.


Friday: Final Greece 


2013-January 3-4 Alexander the Great, Greek democracy


Thursday:  Notes on Alexander the Great, and Government


Friday:  Study Weekly activity sheet/historical map.



December 17-21 Ancient Greece


Monday:  Notes year to date review activity sheet.


Tuesday: Notes on Plato, Socrates, Aristotle


Wednesday:  Notes on Iliad and Odyssey


Thursday: Power point on Homer, read excerpts of Iliad and Odyssey


Friday:  Talent show- 1/2 day



December 10-14  Tremont trip



December 3-7 Ancient Greece


Monday: Introduction to Greece/Student teaching groups


Tuesday: Ancient and modern Greece map activity


Wednesday:  Greek democracy, pg 241 2ab, 3ab


Thursday:  Greek mythology-questions out of the text


Friday:  Nine weeks test-Egypt, India, China



November 26-30 Ancient China


Monday: Introduction to China


Tuesday:  Chinese culture


Wednesday: Chinese technology


Thursday:  China and Buddhism


Friday:  Test China vocabulary and identify 4 river valleys on a map


November 19-20 Finish India, Hinduism, Buddism


Monday: Review for test


Tuesday:  Indus river valley, culture and religions final


November 12-16 The caste-system and Buddism


Monday: Characteristics of Hinduism, Write a paragraph summarizing what you know about Hinduism


Tuesday: The caste system, Page 129 2a, 2b and pg 135 1a, 3a, all answers must be complete sentences.


Wednesday: Buddism, 8 fold path sheet


Thursday:  Buddism, pg 141 1a, 1b, 3a, 3b, all answers must be complete sentences.


Friday: Vocabulary quiz India list 1


November 5-9 India


Monday: Open notes/book Egypt test.  Introduction to India


Tuesday:  NO SCHOOL-Election Day


Wednesday:  Indus river valley, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa


Thursday:  Hinduism


Friday:  Vedas: Mahabharata and Ramayana



October 29- November 2-Focus: Egypt, introduction to India