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Pre-Participation Physical Paperwork is Required for Your Child Every Season!


Physical packet deadline for the Fall season: August 1st





If you DO NOT have a Current Physical on file with the school nurse, you will need to complete the New Physical Forms. Click on the forms link to access this form. 



If you DO have a Current Physical on file (dated on or after 8/15/2015) with the school nurse, you will need to complete the Physical is Current Forms (update packet).  Click on the forms link to access this form.


Regardless of grade, regardless of season, there is paperwork required each season that an athlete intends to participate. It doesn’t matter if an athlete participates in only one season per school year or three seasons in a row—the student athlete is required to submit paperwork to the health office prior to the start of EACH season.




REMINDER: The Scholastic Student-Athlete Safety Act (N.J.S.A. 18A:40-41.7) mandates that sports physicals may only be completed by a licensed physician, advanced practice nurse or physician’s assistant who has completed the Student-Athlete Cardiac Assessment professional development moduleIt is recommended that you verify that your medical provider has completed this module before conducting a student’s  sports physical.






Physical Education Option 2

Deadline 8/1/16






Check out all the Clubs And Activities available to our Howell students on the

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Football                   Coach Sinkhorn, lsinkhorn@frhsd.com

Cheer                      Coach Markovitch, dmarkovitch@frhsd.com

Field Hockey            Coach Connell, econnell@frhsd.com

Gymnastics              Coach Philips, sphilips@frhsd.com

Boys Cross Country  Coach Gagliano, jgagliano@frhsd.com

Girls Cross Country  Coach McBain, wmcbain@frhsd.com

Boys Soccer             Coach Yuro, ryuro@frhsd.com

Girls Soccer             Coach Mayrose, smayrose@frhsd.com

Girls Tennis             Coach Casey, tcasey@frhsd.com

Girls Volleyball         Coach Fredrickson, rfredrickson@frhsd.com  







Boys Basketball     Coach Ramsay, pramsay@frhsd.com

Girls Basketball     Coach Santopietro, jsantopietro@frhsd.com

Bowling                Coach Wetzel, rwetzel@frhsd.com

Ice Hockey           Coach Daley, wdaley@frhsd.com

Indoor Track        Coach Dee, kdee@frhsd.com

Boys Swimming    Coach Waldron, awaldron@frhsd.com

Girls Swimming    Coach Waldron, awaldron@frhsd.com

Wrestling            Coach Gagliano, jgagliano@frhsd.com



Spring Sports



Baseball             Coach Johnson, ejohnson@frhsd.com 

Golf                   Coach Hogan, thogan@frhsd.com  

Boys Lacrosse    Coach Bonjavanni, abonjavanni@frhsd.com 

Girls Lacrosse    Coach Pienkowski, cpienkowski@frhsd.com 

Boys Track        Coach Baum, jbaum@frhsd.com    

Girls Track        Coach Dee, kdee@frhsd.com 

Softball             Coach Savino, tsavino@frhsd.com  

Boys Tennis      Coach Gagliano, jgagliano@frhsd.com  

Boys Volleyball  Coach Fredrickson, rfredrickson@frhsd.com








Concussion Information


In an effort to provide athletes and parents with valuable information regarding concussions, please visit the CDC website to read further about concussions. You should also review the following fact sheets:

Concussion.Athlete Fact Sheet.pdf

Concussion.Parent Fact Sheet.pdf