The first year in band is very important, students are going to learn A LOT very quickly. Beginners need to practice as much as they can, while this is not graded, it will help students play better. While practicing, students need to use the correct posture and embouchure, the way they hold the instrument at the mouth. Students should also always challenge themselves with music that is more difficult for them and not always play the same familiar and easy songs over and over again. 


Students will have a chair test every week, this is a playing test that ranks students first to last. This is the way that musicians sit in order to divide parts properly and is important to help students push themselves every week.




Know the band rules, they’re very simple and campus wide discipline rules apply here.


  1. Participate: This is extremely important, every day the student MUST do what the teacher and the class is doing. This sounds simple enough but is a problem for some students at times. This is the bulk of the class, if a student is not participating, they will not know what is going on!
  2. Listen to the Directors: Students must be quiet and respectful when directors are giving instructions.
  3. No food or drinks in the band hall: Food and drink can damage instruments, attract pests, and cause large messes but this is one of the easiest things to fix… just don’t bring it in the band hall!




Grading Scale:


70% - Participation: Again, it is very important that students are always on task.


20% - Daily grades: Can be a wide variety of music related activities.


10% - Tests: Written tests, playing tests, or quizzes. Grade scale will vary with skill level of class and each assignment.