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WELCOME to Miami Arts Studio "MAS" 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer - Class of 2018 
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It's a pleasure to have you as we embark on what I'm sure
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*ALWAYS CHECK HERE for the latest information, updated almost daily!!
*Students, TODAY is GIVE MIAMI DAY, but for us it's GIVE MAS DAY!!!  For one day ONLY you can have your parents, family members and friends help out our school and community by giving a charitable donation simply by clicking the link below.  The proceeds all benefit our school and in turn YOU, so help us out, repost this link on your social media sites and help spread the word...Give MAS
*STAR STUDENTS and Coya's TOP TEN are now posted!
See the links on the left to see if you made the list!  If you did, you are invited to Mrs. Coya's Class on Friday, November 21st @ 8:30am to celebrate!
*Honors students, all information for our Byzantine Unit is on the link to the left.  
*AP Students - we are starting Unit 3 - be sure you set up your timelines and start reading Chapter 13!
Law Magnet
*Opportunity to be part of Les Mis representing Law - auditions coming soon for attorneys and judge for opening statements to start the play.  Link is now posted here so you can begin to learn/memorize the part...
Auditions are on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH afterschool in the Courtroom.  
*Freshmen Board next meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 12th afterschool till 4:45pm.
*WIZARDS CHEERLEADERS: See EDMODO for practice schedule for November
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-Coya's Notebook
-Loose Leaf Paper
-White Paper
-Colored Paper

Be sure you stay up to date with your notebook! 
See Notebook Check Information link for more details!

****If INC is received for an assignment, it will not receive any credit!! 
Be sure your homework is complete!


If you lost your PARTICIPATION LOG, be sure to print one out to continue logging your points.  Loose leaf papers will not be accepted when logs are collected for Participation grade. 



9th Grade World History
*ALWAYS CHECK Homework/Events Link on the left
**Remember that your textbook is accessible through your portal.  
**All questions from the text are always to be done in the NB
(and remember to WRITE THE QUESTIONS! ALWAYS HIGHLIGHT key terms!!)


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Law Studies


***Legal Dictionary MUST be kept up to date!!!***






Any questions?  Need Help?  Need to contact me?...
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