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WELCOME to Miami Arts Studio "MAS" 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer - Class of 2018 
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*ALWAYS CHECK HERE for the latest information, updated almost daily!!


**AP Students - be sure you have read through Chapter 26 - questions due at the end of the week!
Culminating Unit 3 & 4 TEST will take place on Thursday/Friday!!!
*AP Review will take place Wednesday morning at 8am in my room!
*Honors World History - we are working on the Reformation (Chapter 10), Scientific Revolution and the Age of Exploration this week!  See link on the left for notes guide and powerpoint for you to review!
*Law Magnet - check the homework link for the details of what you need to work on and research in preparation for the Mock Trial!  One Drive files need to be worked on and up to date!!
Law Magnet
*Don't forget to bring in Sponsorships!!!
*Holocaust Student Awareness Day Field Trip for selected students will take place Tuesday, February 24th.  Be at school by 7:30am dressed in uniform pants and black polo, with your ID!!  We will be back by 5th period!
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*Expand-a-file Tabs should be labeled as follows:
-Coya's Notebook
-Loose Leaf Paper
-White Paper
-Colored Paper

Be sure you stay up to date with your notebook! 
See Notebook Check Information link for more details!

****If INC is received for an assignment, it will not receive any credit!! 
Be sure your homework is complete!


If you lost your PARTICIPATION LOG, be sure to print one out to continue logging your points.  Loose leaf papers will not be accepted when logs are collected for Participation grade. 



9th Grade World History
*ALWAYS CHECK Homework/Events Link on the left
**Remember that your textbook is accessible through your portal.  
**All questions from the text are always to be done in the NB
(and remember to WRITE THE QUESTIONS! ALWAYS HIGHLIGHT key terms!!)


scales of justice

Law Studies


***Legal Dictionary MUST be kept up to date!!!***






Any questions?  Need Help?  Need to contact me?...
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