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*ALWAYS CHECK HERE for the latest information, updated almost daily!!
*Congratulations to the STAR STUDENTS and TOP TEN!!!  The links on the left have been updated to reflect the winners of the 4th nine weeks!   So proud of you!!!!  I've had a family emergency so I am unable to celebrate with you, but Ms. Fernandez has your certificates and medallions.  Congratulations!!!!
*All textbooks and/or CDs must be brought in by June 5th!!  If textbook or CDs are not brought in, the financial obligation will stay on your record (which follows you to high school) until it is paid for!!  
Congratulations to the History Bee Team on getting 4th Place at the County wide History Bee Competition!!  Way to go!
Nicholas Fernandez
Isabella Barnet
Emily Delemos
Lisbel Millan
Lucia Castillo
*The new WIZARDS CHEERLEADERS for the 2014-2015 school year are now posted!  Check the link on the left to find out if you made the squad!  
Practice will take place Tuesday, June 10th at the gym.  See you then!
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*Expand-a-file Tabs should be labeled as follows:
-Coya's Notebook
-Loose Leaf Paper
-White Paper
-Colored Paper

Be sure you stay up to date with your notebook! 
See Notebook Check Information link for more details!

****If INC is received for an assignment, it will not receive any credit!! 
Be sure your homework is complete!


If you lost your PARTICIPATION LOG, be sure to print one out to continue logging your points.  Loose leaf papers will not be accepted when logs are collected for Participation grade. 


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8th Grade - History
*ALWAYS CHECK Homework/Events Link on the left
**Remember that the link to your History Textbook can be found on the left
**All questions from the text are always to be done in the NB
(and remember to WRITE THE QUESTIONS! ALWAYS HIGHLIGHT key terms!!)



scales of justice

Law Studies


***Legal Dictionary MUST be kept up to date!!!***





Any questions?  Need Help?  Need to contact me?...
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