Welcome to my website. I am glad that you are able to take the time to get a little information about me. 

 This is my 5th  year at Cecil Picard. I have been teaching for a total of 20 years. I love to teach. Each year I get a new group of students whom I hope will learn something from me. I try to educate my students as I teach, not just about my subject area but about life. I know that I can not reach every child, but I can always try.


Welcome to 5th Grade Science., you have made another year and you are ready for your next challenge. Another year to prepare for the iLEAP test; a year to grow and become a young adult.You will have new choices to make as the year goes by, it is up to you to try to make the right choices and learn from any mistakes you may make. Believe in yourself and never give up.


Our  gradebook is on line for you to use. It is wonderful. If you are having trouble or have not made arrangements to have access to your child's grades please call the main office. Parental involvement is very important, it can make a difference. I will try to always have my grades posted within 3 days of the assignment. Click the following : How to access grades.docx  


 The Grade YOU make is the Grade YOU get.


I do not give grades, you earn them.

  1. Test   2.  Class Projects  3. Daily Science  4. Vocabulary Fold-able   5. Study Island

I do not give extra credit.
  1.There will  be extra points on test, projects and sometimes homework.
I do not drop the lowest grade.

2015-2016 School Year                     



My planning period is 10:10 - 10:40.

 If you need to meet with me please make arrangements with the office. Thank you. If you would like to contact me through email, my school email address  danielle.courville@vpsb.net



  Welcome to 5th Grade Science Meet and Greet.docx  


    2015 Open House Power Point .pptx without animation.pptx    


HOMEWORK -- Please review class notes every night  




Every child can learn 
it is how they apply themselves 
 that makes the difference. 








StudyJams also has short videos you can log onto. Just type in the topic to see what they have, not all topics will be on this site.




          Bullying in schools has become a major issue all across America. It is up to us the teachers, students, and parents to take a stand to help keep our kids safe. If we don't then who will. Bullying is classified into 3 categories: The Bully, The Person being Bullied, and The Outsider (the person that just watches as it happens and does nothing about it.) If we don't take a stand, and step up then it will never end. Now with cyber-bullying the person being bullied often times won't even know who it is since the bully is hiding behind a screen. We need to help stop this major issue before it is to late, before it leads to someone harming them-self just to get away from the torment or them harming others.
Take a stand and join "Bullying STOPS with ME!" @ http://bullyingstopswithme.com/  a new program through KATC and The Family Tree. As well as the great site for parents on bullying located to the right. 

It is NOT just kids being kids. It's much worse.

One thing to always remember YOU are the one who can determine YOUR future.                        
What do you want to become?
What do you want to do?                               
By getting an education your goals are unlimited.



Welcome to my website. I am glad that you are able to take the time to get a little information about me. 

A little about me: 
         I am a Graduate of Vermilion Catholic 
I am a McNeese State Graduate.
         I am Certified to teach 1st grade - 8th grade.
         I am Highly Qualified in Middles School Math and Science
         I am almost Highly Qualified in  Social Studies and English.                           
         I am INTECH trained.
          South Rayne Elem. for a 1/2 year.
         I taught all subjects during this time.

          Gueydan High School for 5 years.  
         I taught 7th Grade Math for two years, 8th Grade Science for one year 
           and P.E. for 5 years. 
 I also coached Girls Basketball and Track for five years. 
            While in Gueydan my girls program were Co-District Champs for two years, we made it to the Quarter Finals and we made a Sweet Sixteen Appearance as well as  having 1 District Championship and 2 State Runner-up titles in Track.

          Ville Platte High School for 3 years.
         I taught 7th Grade Math for two years and P.E. for one           year.                                                                       
I also coached Girls Track where we won 1 District Championship and Boys and Girls Cross-Country.
          Mamou High School for 3 years.
         I  taught 7th Grade Math for three years and 6th Grade Science for one year. 
I was Voted Mamou Jr. High Teacher of the Year in 2007.

4 years at J.H. Williams.
I taught P.E. for 3 1/2 years and 8th Grade Math 1/2 year.
I coached both Girls Basketball and Track
3 Jr. High Parish Champs and 1 Runner-Up
Over all Basketball Record of 50-2.          

It takes role models to be a good student and  ATHLETES should be the first of them.

 LEAP will be March 18 and April 7th -April 10th 
You have to want to prepare yourself and apply yourself daily.
Log onto LEAP review sites for practice.
          If you log onto  the LEAP Practice  on  Louisiana Pass use "tiger" as
          your initial password.
          The main menu to the right has a few sites to work on.
          Just do a few a day, and work on areas you need more practice on.

A little something:

         Although I may not reach every student that I teach, I sure can try. I know that Math may not be for everyone, so maybe just maybe I might be the one to help save a child (Your Child) in the future. Role models are hard to come by. It is always a pleasure to see old students as they get older and begin their lives as an adult. 

   ***********PLAY 60 **** Get Outside and have A Wonderful Day! ***********

~~Faith ~~Family ~~Friends   

ASAP  (Always Say A Prayer)




2014- 2015  


New:  Math Calendar Aug 11th - Sept 15th 2014 (2).docx    I will try to follow the calendar, but we need to move at a faster pace when we can.


  Welcome to 5th Grade Math Meet and Greet.docx      


    Power Point Class Rules(2).pptx      


HOMEWORK (Odd Number Answers):    Module 1 Answers    




 EngageNY Parent Guide and Resources: http://www.lpssonline.com/site5523.php   


EngageNy.org:  (5th Grade Math Lesson)  Teacher pages






 iReady is a new program that will be used for Reading and Math this school year, please click on the following link to learn more. http://www.i-ready.com/diagnostic-training-video.asp?source=DIAGNOSTIC-TRAINING-VIDEO  Once you have logged on , look all the way to the right for the tab that says "Parent Videos" click and you can view either of the videos to learn more.




Every child can learn 
it is how they apply themselves 
 that makes the difference. 










   Log onto the site,scroll down to MATH, click on Arithmetic and pre-algebra


   Log onto a topic that we are working on and watch the video if needed.








   Learnzillion is short videos, you can log onto either one and click on what standard we are on (example 5.NBT.1)






StudyJams also has short videos you can log onto. Just type in the topic to see what they have, not all topics will be on this site.