Newton's Classroom

Available online through PASS at

 Newton's Classroom provides multimedia, interactive math tutorials on basic concepts and skills.



The mathematics tutorials are valuable for all students, including those in special education,

who need to work on the skills in the topics covered. Younger students will benefit from a

teacher’s help, especially in getting started and in reading the instructional pages.


The first five topics are:

1) place value, rounding, and estimation

2) addition and subtraction

3) multiplication

4) division

5) fractions

Each topic has three levels that increase in complexity. Future topics will include decimals/percents, addition/subtraction of fractions, and multiplication/division of fractions.


Newton's Classroom includes several parts that engage students in the learning process:


Diagnostic Test: Before beginning a lesson, a short

diagnostic test determines at which level lesson the

student should begin.




Animation, Practice: After a short animated

orientation to the lesson, students are provided

instruction to learn math concepts and practice

applying these skills.




Quiz with Instructional Feedback:

After practicing the skills, a follow-up quiz

determines whether the student learned the

lesson’s concepts and is ready to proceed to the

next level or to a new topic.




Report: A report gives detailed information

on the student’s performance on the quiz

and offers further options: re-take the lesson,

move to the next level lesson, play a game,

or—once the skills are mastered—go to an

entirely new topic.