The Case of . . .  The Shipwrecked Sailors

Three sailors on an ocean-going freighter were cast adrift in a life raft after their ship sank during a storm in the Atlantic Ocean.  The ship went down so suddenly that there was no time to send out an SOS.  As far as the three sailors knew, they were the only survivors.  In the raft, they had no food or water.  They had no fishing gear or other equipment that might be used to get food from the ocean.  After recovering from the shock of the shipwreck, the three sailors began to discuss their situation.  Dudley, the ship's navigator, figured that they were at least on thousand miles from land and that the storm had blown them far from where any ships would normally pass. Stephens, the ship's doctor, indicated that without food they could not live longer than thirty days.  The only nourishment they could expect was from any rain that might fall from time to time.  He noted, however, that if one of the three died before the others, the other two could live awhile longer by eating the body of the third.  On the twenty-fifth day, the third sailor, Brooks, who by this time was extremely weak, suggested that they all draw lots and that the loser be killed and eaten by the other two.  Both Dudley and Stephens agreed.  The next day, lots were drawn and Brooks lost.  At this point, Brooks objected and refused to consent.  However, Dudley and Stephens decided that Brooks would die soon anyway, so they might as well get it over with.  After thus agreeing, they killed and ate Brooks.  Five days later, Dudley and Stephens were rescued by a passing ship and brought to port.  They explained to authorities what had happened to Brooks.  After recovering from their ordeal, they were placed on trial for murder.  The state in which they were tried had the following law:  Any person who deliberately takes the life of another is guilty of murder. 

a) Should Dudley and Stephens be tried for murder?  b) As an attorney for Dudley and Stephens, what arguments would you make on their behalf?  As an attorney for the state, what arguments would you make on the state's behalf?  c) If they are convicted, what should their punishment be?  d) What purpose would be served by convicting Dudley and Stephens?  e) What is the relationship between law and morality in this case?  Was it morally wrong for Dudley and Stephens to kill Brooks?  Explain your answer.  f) Can an act be legal but immoral?  Can an act be morally right but unlawful?
Explain your answers.



a) Choose a law that your community has passed to deal with a local problem.  Does the law work?  If so, how come?  If not, 
    how could it be improved?

b) Identify a problem in your community for which a new law is needed.  Draft the law.

c) Do you think new laws are needed to solve the drug problem in America today?  Elaborate on your reasons.




You have been selected to join a group of space pioneers who will establish a colony on a distant planet.  In order to create the best possible society, you and your group decide to make a list of the right that all space colonists should have.

a) List the three most important rights that should be guaranteed.  b) Discuss with either a family member or friend the rights you selected.  Determine whether or not they agree with your selections.  Identify what rights they would enforce.  c) Explain the reasons for your selections.  d) Are some of the listed rights more important than others?  Explain.  e) Do any of the listed rights clash with one another?  If so, which ones?  How come?



Matt and Luther decide to skip school.  They take Luther's brother's car without telling him and drive to a local shopping center.  Ignoring the sign Parking for Handicapped Persons Only, they leave the car and enter a radio and TV shop.  After looking around, they buy a portable AM-FM radio.  Then they buy some sandwiches from a street vendor and walk to a nearby park.  While eating, they discover that the radio does not work.  In their hurry to return it, they leave the trash on the park bench.  When Matt and Luther get back to the shopping center, they notice a large dent on one side of their car.  The dent appears to be the result of a driver's carelessly backing out of the next space.  They also notice that the car has been broken into and that the tape deck had been removed.  They call the police to report the accident and theft.  When the police arrive, they seize a small clear bag containing illegal drugs from behind the car's back seat.  Matt and Luther were arrested. 

a) List what you think Matt and Luther did wrong.  b) What laws are involved in this story?  c) Which of these are criminal laws?  Which are civil laws?




You are a member of a commission established to evaluate laws.  Consider the following acts and in each case decide whether the act should be treated as a crime.  Rank the acts from most serious to least serious.  Give reasons for your decisions.

a) Robert pushes crack cocaine and uses the proceeds to support his mother, who is on welfare.  b) Keesha is a passenger in a car she knows is stolen, but she did not participate in the theft of the car.  c) Liz picks an individual pocket and takes a wallet containing $50.  d) Donald is a used-car dealer who turns back the odometers on cars he sells.  e) Susan is caught with a pound of marijuana.  f) Ted robs a liquor store at gunpoint.  g) Ellen leaves a store with change for a $10 bill after she realizes that she gave the cashier a $5 bill.  h) Lilly approaches a man for purpose of robbing him. 
i) Ming refuses to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.  j) A company pollutes a river with waste from its automobile factory.  k) Marge gets drunk and hits a pedestrian while speeding through a school zone.  l) Burt observes his best friend shoplifting but does not turn him in.





The first ten amendments to the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights, were adopted to ensure that U.S. citizens would enjoy the human rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.  Using the Internet, locate the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution... the right to a speedy and public trial.  Notice that the Constitution does not define speedy, and courts have trouble deciding what this term means.  To remedy this problem, the federal government and some states have set specific time limits within which a case must be brought to trial.

a)  Identify the procedures that are used in the court for all criminal cases when it is implied, "Right to a Speedy and Public 
b) Why is the right to a speedy trial important?
c) How soon after arrest should a person be brought to trial?
d) What are some reasons for and against bringing a defendant to trial within a short time after arrest?
e) Do you think televising criminal trials is a good idea?  Why or why not?




Before the establishment of juvenile courts, children under the age of 7 were never held responsible for criminal acts.  The law considered them incapable of forming the necessary criminal intent.  The law at that time also believed that children between the ages of 7 and 14 were incapable of committing a criminal act.  Today, all states set age limits to determine whether a person accused of a crime will be handled in adult or juvenile court.  In most states, young people are considered juveniles until age 18.  However, some states have changed the age limit.


a) Define juvenile.

b) Compare the juvenile court systems in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.  How does the court system classify a
    juvenile that is charged with a serious felony such as robbery, assault, rape, or murder? 
c)  In each of the following situations, decide whether or not the person should be tried as a juvenile or transferred to criminal
     court and tried as an adult.  Explain the reasons for your decisions and what factors you considered.
     1.  Eric, age 15, is accused of robbing an 86 year old woman at gunpoint.  He has a long juvenile record, including acts of
          burglary, and brags about the robbery.
     2.  Marcia, age 17, is accused of killing a pedestrian while driving a stolen car.  She has never been in trouble before, is
          remorseful about the killing, and claims that she planned to return the car after a short joyride.



THE CASE OF...The Lung Cancer Death

Mrs. Garrett dies of lung cancer at the age of 42.  Her family brings a civil suit against ABC Tobacco Company, the manufacturer of the cigarettes sh had smoked for the previous 20 years.  Her doctors said that cigarette smoking was the major factor leading to her death.

a) If you were Garrett family's attorney, what arguments would you make at the trial?  What evidence would you want to 
b) If you were ABC's attorney, what arguments would you make for the company?  What evidence would you want to introduce?
c) If you were Garrett family's attorney, would you want a judge or jury to decide this case?  How come?
d) Assume that each package of ABC cigarettes carries the following warning:  "Caution:  cigarette smoking can be harmful to
    your health."   How should this case be decided?  Give reasons for your decision.



THE CASE OF...The Captured Shoplifter


Kathleen, 17, is in a record store.  As she passes a rack of compact discs, she quickly slips one under her jacket.  Thinking no one has noticed, she turns to leave the store.  The store manager, however, was watching her on a closed-circuit television.  As soon as she passed the cash register, he stops her, before she could leave the store.

a) The store manager has several options.  Rank the following in order of most reasonable to least reasonable:
     1) The manager calls the police and keeps Kathleen in his office until they come.
     2) The manager tells an assistant manager to keep Kathleen in the back room until the police arrive.  The assistant
         manager is called away on another task, and he ties Kathleen's hands and feet together so she cannot run away.
     3) The manager yells, "Stop, you thief" as he runs after Kathleen in the store, and he shouts at her as he walks her back to 
         his office.  Then, he calls her parents and tells them he is taking her to the police station immediately.
     4) The manager locks Kathleen in the storage room for seven hours, until he is ready to close the shop for the evening. 
         Then, he takes her to the police station.
     5) The store manager tells his security guard to arrest Kathleen.  The guard pulls a gun, takes her to the back of the store,
        and calls the police.
b) Would any of these alternatives quality as false imprisonment?  If so, which one and how come?  D
c) Define false imprisonment.
d) What should a shopkeeper do if he or she catches a shoplifter?  Provide a thorough explanation.



THE CASE OF...The College Prank


As a freshman college prank, Cynthia decides to remove a stop sign from an intersection and put in in her dormitory room.  To avoid being noticed, she chooses a stop sign at the intersection of a little-used country road and a two-lane state highway several miles out of town.  The night after her prank, a motorist from out of state drives through the intersection and is struck by a car traveling at 50 miles per hour along this state highway.  Both motorist are seriously injured, and their cars are totally demolished.  They recover from their injuries after several months.  The police suspect a college prank and are able to find out who removed the sign.  The injured motorists bring a civil action against Cynthia, claiming extensive damages. 

a) Can they prove that her act caused their harm? 
b) List all the types of damages each plaintiff might have suffered. 
c) Could they recover all of these damages.  Explain your answers in detail. 
a) Define extensive damages, plaintiffs, duty, breach, and causation.

                                                                       TECHNOLOGY MODULES


WORKING WITH OTHERS--Technology at Work:  Study on cheerfulness by checking out this Web site.



Have fun learning more about being a team player at



1.  Describe why technical skills supported by value-added characteristics are necessary for job success.
2.  Explain why the characteristics of cheerfulness is considered contagious.
3.  List two suggestions for further developing your sense of humor.
4.  What is tact?
5.  What communication formatting should be avoided in e-mail when you want your message to be tactful?
6.  Explain the differences between empathy and sympathy.
7.  Explain the differences between empathy and pity.
1.  What qualities or characteristics do you look for when you choose friends?  List these qualities. 
2.  Read the comic section of any newspaper.  Share the humor with another person.  This will help you get in the habit of
     sharing humor.  Comment on their reactions.
3.  What are some potential business advantages to participating in events or projects sponsored by a company you work for? 
     What are some of the potential personal advantages?  Are there any disadvantages?
4.  Think about the following situations, and describe how you might address them tactfully.
     a) Ask a coworker about a close relative who has been ill.
     b) Tell a customer that your store policy does not allow sale merchandise to be returned.
     c) Tell your supervisor that you have found a better paying position and you plan to take it.
     d) Make visitors feel at ease as they are kept waiting.
     e) Ask for a raise in pay.
      f) As the name of someone with whom you are talking, but whose name you can't remember.
     g) Discuss a situation in which you needed to express sympathy for a situation.


  Negative traits are something you want to avoid in order to achieve success on the job.

1.  Define the following negative traits:  resentment, irritating habits, envy and jealousy, and self-pity. 
2.  List five irritating habits that you dislike.  Explain your reasons in detail.
3.  What can make you resentful towards another person?  Explain and provide an example to illlustrate your feelings.
4.  Give an example of envy and jealousy.  Have  you ever felt envy or jealousy towards family or friends.  Explain.   If the
     answer is yes, do you still have resentment of envy and jealousy.  Do you know the reason why?  Explain 
5.  Have you ever felt self-pity?  Did it resolve anything?  How come?  Explain.



1.  List three habits that some people possess that might be irritating to your or others.  Suggest ways to eliminate them.

2.  How can you control envy?  Explain in detail.  Or, is it impossible to control how you feel towards someone.

3.  How can you eliminate resentment?  Give steps and examples.

4.  Why is self-pity damaging to a relationship.  Provide two examples.

5.   Create a story incorporating the negative traits that should be avoided on the job.   Then, incorporate positive traits.



    It is important that you learn how to work effectively with others.  On the job, getting the work done is a team effort. 
Your behavior as a worker effects, directly or indirectly, everyone else in the workplace.  Everything you do matters; the way you perform your job, the way you speak, the way you feel, and even the way you look.  All of these things influence, in one way or another, the general effectiveness of your work group.  It is necessary that you carry out your job tasks properly and work to develop desirable traits that will help produce "team spirit".
There are some personality traits or characteristics that are vital to helping you work well with your coworkers.

1.  Define the following:  cooperation, politeness, patience, enthusiasm, dependability, loyal, building the self-esteem of others.
2.  True or False.  Good teamwork creates increased work productivity.
3.  True or False.  You should immediately assume that someone who is quiet is a snob.
4.  True or False.  Loyalty is believing in your place of employment and being committed to it.
5.  Why is cooperation critical in the workplace?  Explain
6.  What are three don't of being a good team player?
7.  List five characteristics you would like the person working most closely to you to have.  Rate yourself on each   
     characteristic on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating.  List the qualities you have that would make you         
     a good coworker.
8.  Think of a situation in which you would like to exercise patience while working with someone on the job or in a school
     activity?  What happened in the situation?  How did you handle it?




   Be the type of person who brings out the best in people in the group, not one who contributes to the problems that may exist when people work closely together.  Identify your working groups characteristics.  Those characters may be recognizable at once, or they may be hiding behind a mask.  This is one reason why you should take your time in joining one of the many informal groups you will encounter in the workplace.

   Identifying Special Coworkers-- These are some of the typical characters :  Complainers, angry people, the grouch, the tattletale, the boss non-boss, the favorite, and the arguer.

1.  Identify each of the special characters listed above. 
2.  List one example of each character. 
3.  Compare and examine if there are any similarities and differences between each character.  What are they?
4.  True or False.  Ignoring the tattletale is one way to change his or her behavior.
5.  True or False.  You should realize that "the grouch" is angry at you.
6.  Why is it important to think about group behavior?  Elaborate.
7.  Since it is a possibility that you will spend a lot of your working life and/or living with groups of people, it is important that
     you understand how groups work together.  Do some research on the group dynamics, either consulting books at the
     library  or doing research on the Internet.  List recommended sources or an item of information about group dynamics that
     you discover.  Also, identify the sources you used for your research.



   Think about this sentence:  "Don't just envy another's good fortune; duplicate the work that helped earn it."  In the column on the left, list some of the people or situations you might envy.  In the column on the right, list how you might earn or achieve what you envy.  This activity will help you turn the destructive emotion of envy into positive ideas and action and may help you reach your goals. 

                          I envy...                                                           I will earn or achieve by...


a.  _________________________________________________    a.  _______________________________________________
b.  _________________________________________________    b.  _______________________________________________
c.  _________________________________________________    c.  _______________________________________________
d.  _________________________________________________    d.  _______________________________________________
e.  _________________________________________________    e.  ______________________________________________   
   Making quick, incorrect judgements about people can be damaging and may lead to conflict.  What judgments have you made about others that turned out not to be true?  Did your judgements lead to conflict?  How did you discover that your judgments were not accurate?  Explain your answers.




   Your coworker, Gregory, begins the morning by telling you that you should not have parking lot privileges as you have been with the company only a short time.  A few minutes later Gregory growls that you spend too much time away from your desk.  At mid morning, Gregory comes by and says that he thinks the  the room temperature is set too high and he is trying to complain to the management.  He asks you in the early afternoon who you are trying to impress by keeping your suit coat all day.  You note that you are not the only victim of Gregory's comments.  He makes similar remarks to others. 
Explain your answers in detail
1.  Is Gregory angry or unhappy with you?
2.  How can you help Gregory to be a comfortable member
3.  What can you say in response to Gregory's comments to you?.
4.  Is Gregory dangerous to the success of the work team?
     a.  Can you accept Gregory the way he is?                              


   Edward has been a productive worker in an advertising agency for seven years.  He has enjoyed his work and his coworkers.  Keiko, his newest coworker, seems to have many prblems   She is a single parent of two children with health problems.  She is responsible for an elderly mother, and she feels her salary is not adequate.  Each day she finds fault with the weather, the government, the plant, coworkers, and life.
   Edwards listens empathetically to Keiko during break periods. and hears her negative mutterings and comments while he or she is on the job.  She begins to notice that her attitude is effecting his.  He thinks of the negative aspects of life and starts to feel dissatisfaction with the workplace.  Edward recognizes the change and decides he must do something about it.

1.  What would you suggest that Edward do?
2.  Based on what you know about Keiko, do you believe that feelings about life are justified?
3.  How could Keiko help herself and enjoy life even more?
4.  Should Edward help Keiko attach her attitude?
5.  Should Keiko' attitude be of concern to management.


1.  Have you ever received undeserved criticism?  2.  What were your feelings?  How did you handle the situation?  Write out
     the situation  and what you should have said.  Give complete detail.
2.  Have you ever received constructive criticism that was helpful?  Explain the criticism and how it helped you.
3.  How would you respond to this comment of undeserved criticism by your supervisor?  "I am not pleased with the quality of
     your work?   You are making too many mistakes.  Also, you are spending too much time talking on the cell phone and with
     coworkers.  Design a role play depicting this particular scenario.



1.  Define responsible, dependable, conscientious, and good judgment.  Give one example.
2.  True or False.  Part of being responsible includes working hard, paying attention to details, concentrating on your work,  
     even when it is unpleasant, and showing effort and perseverance toward goal attainment.  Explain.
     On the Job--Bianca worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant about five mile from his home.  On the way to work on his
     bicycle, Bianca had a flat tire, which took nearly an hour to repair.  While she was at the service station fixing the tire, 
     should could have telephoned to let her supervisor know he would be late.  Bianca was somewhat shy, and the prospect of
     explaining her problem over the phone made her feel uncomfortable.  Bianca was nearly an hour late as she approached  
     her place of employment.  The anxiety she felt about facing her employer was even greater.  Not having the courage to go   
     to work late, Bianca did not show up at all.  To make things worse, she did not call to explain her absence.

   a) Identify three things Bianca did that lacked responsibility as an employee.
   b) As an employer, do you feel the actions Bianca took was acceptable.  List reasons.
   c) How do you think the supervisor responded when Bianca returned to work the next day?  Provide a short role play of the
       event that probably occurred at work between the supervisor and Bianca.
   d) If you were the supervisor would you take any action against Bianca?  Identify the actions.
   e) If you were Bianca, how would you attempt to justify your actions?
   f) What are the benefits of admitting your mistakes?

3.  You ride the bus to work.  This schedule allows you to arrive either twenty-five minutes early or three minutes late. What
     would you do?  Explain your decisions. 

4.  Assume you have been promoted to supervisor.  One of the people with whom you formerly worked is now working in   
     your area.  She is constantly late for work but is doing a good job.  It is your job to talk to her about her tardiness.  In a
     short essay, explain the main points you would make in talking to her about this problem.  If it is convenient, share your
     ideas with a friend or family member.  List the main points you would include.



Develop a Career Plan--Career planning is demanding, but it can also be fun.  It requires an honest self-appraisal and an awareness of the occupations that match your talents and interests. 

                                 Employee Qualities Checklist:  What Employers Say They Are Looking For

Work Ethics--promptness, neatness, positive attitude; Basic Skills--reading, writing, math, and reasoning; Computer Literacy--able to use computers on the job; Dependability--able to follow instructions, trustworthy, reliable; Teamwork--works well with others; Communication--adept at sharing information and ideas; Responsibility---works well with supervision; Initiative--applies knowledge in new situations; Openness--eager to grow and learn on the job.

   a) Use the Employee Qualities Checklist to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each category.
   b) Ask another person who knows you to rate you.  
   c) Compare the lists for similarities and differences. 
   d) Identify job/careers that matches your qualities. 
   e) Research the job/career on the Internet. 
   f) Create a chart identifying the job title, job description/responsibilities, job location, salary, and hours worked.



1.  Define the following terms:  Budget, fixed expenses, flexible expenses, goal, plan, and self-providing.  List examples of
2.  What is the best age at which people should begin to do some serious planning about their career?  Explain
3.  Many high school athletes, including the bench sitters, believe they will get an athletic scholarship to a Division1 college
     and also play professionally.  What do you think of this dream?  Analyze the situation first before responding.
4.  Find each of the products inside your own.  For each product, write the band name and location (city/state/country) of the
     product's manufacturer or distributor.  
     a) Cereal
     b) Toaster
     c) Toothpaste
     d) Adhesive bandages
     e) Lotion
     f) Shampoo
     g) Deodorant
5.  What is it like to work as a Personal Financial Planner?  Search the Internet.  Identify the duties and responsibilities, education, and other skills required for the job, Include any other pertinent information.  Provide the website address.



Investment Power

1.  Identify what is investing and what is saving.  Compare and contrast investing and saving.
2.  What is the difference between merely saving money and investing it? 
3.  What are some of the rewards of investing?
4.  What is inflation and how does it affect saving and investing? 
5.  Why is knowledge of investing becoming more important?
6.  Define the following terms:  Labor, capital, lenders, and stockholders.  Give one example of each.
7.  Why does it sometimes make economic sense not to take the job with the biggest salary?



Protect Yourself

1.  Identify the following terms:  Loss of income, medical expenses, damaged property, lawsuit; car insurance premium,   
     bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability, medical payments coverage, uninsured/under insured motorist
     coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage; annual deductible for health insurance, co-insurance (co-pay),
     maximum coverage, dental and vision car insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance; term insurance,
     cash blue insurance--whole life, variable whole life, universal life; property insurance, market value, replacement value,
     liability insurance, buying insurance.  Provide the website address used.
2.  Research New Jersey's requirement for automobile insurance as a minor and as someone over the age of 18.  Does it
     require collision, comprehensive?  How much coverage is required for injuries and property damage?
3.  You are sick for six months and cannot go to work.  What type of insurance would cover a portion of your lost wages?
4.  There are many excellent web sites for obtaining automobile information:; www.Edmund'
     Browse through these websites.  Identify a car of interest.  Access the website.  List points of interest on the car of your
     desire such as make and model, cost, features--interior and exterior.


Financial Math Review:  Dollars and Sense--Unit Prices (Find and compute with unit prices and total prices)
1.  Define perishable goods and unit price
2.  Emma is buying a 16.5 pound watermelon.  The price of the melon is $0.32 per pound.  What is the total cost of a
     watermelon?  Demonstrate the steps taken to solve the problem.
3.  A 20 ounce box of cereal sells for $4.20.  The label on the shelf lists the unit price.  What price per ounce should be on the
     label?  Identify the steps taken to solve the problem.
4.  $5.45 x 4=  ________________   $3.82 x 7=  __________________  $0.89 x 15=  ___________________
     $10.52/4=  ________________    $9.72/18=  __________________       $10.02/6=____________________ 
5.  A bag of potatoes weighs 15 pounds.  At $0.59 per pound, what is the price for the bag of potatoes?
6.  Bill picked up a bag of a apples marked 9 pounds for $5.85.  He weighed the apples on the customer scale, which read 7.2
     pounds.  If the scale is correct, how many pounds off is the label and what should the price be?
7.  Keiran is changing the oil in his car.  He  needs five quarts of oil.  The 5-quart container costs $8.99.  Individual 1-quart
     containers cost $1.85.  Which should he buy if he wants the better buy?
8.  A 50-foot piece of chain link sells for $17.  What is the unit price?
9.  Mary reads the label on a package of boneless chicken breasts.  The chicken weighs 4.1 pounds and costs $2.99 per
     pound.  The price on the label is $15.26.  Is the price on the label correct?  If not, what should the price on the label be?
10.  Adriana is comparing the price of fruit salad at two deli stores.  Lubbock's sells a 3-ounce container for $4.05, and
      Austin's sells a 9-ounce
       container for $12.15.  Which store has the lower unit price?
11.  At a gas station, you can buy a 40-fluid ounce bottle of windshield wiper fluid for $1.20.  At an auto parts store, a 32-fluid
       ounce container sells for $1.00.
      a)  What is the unit price per fluid ounce at the gas station?
      b) What is the unit price per fluid ounce at the auto parts store?
      c) Which store offers the better buy?



The Sales Receipt--Compute the subtotal and apply rebates to a group of items.
1.  Define sales receipt, subtotal, and rebate.
2.  Michelle bought two gallons of antifreeze that cost $7.99 each.  She received a rebate coupon good for $1.50 off each gallon purchased.  What is
     the cost of Michelle's antifreeze purchase after the rebate?  Identify the steps taken to solve the problem.
3.  69.38 + 1.12 + 6.3=  ____________     4.  15.38 + 1.15=  ____________  5.  18.8 + 15.13=  ____________  6.  6 + 7.25=  ____________
7.  15.19 - 6.13=  _________________     8.  213.1 - 4.2=  _____________  9.  163.004 - 4.1=  ___________ 10.  17.9 - 6.12=  __________
11. 69.13 x 4.1=  _________________   12.  12.1 x 6=  _______________ 13.  12.1 x 0.06=  ____________  14.  16.2 x 8.9= ___________

15.  Lindsay bought eight SuperCell batteries for her CD player.  The batteries are sold in two-packs for $2.95.  She received a rebate form for $0.50 
       off each package.  What was the final cost of the batteries?
16.  Mr. Fernandez ordered four large pizzas for  his volleyball team.  Each pizza cost $16.95.  He had a coupon that allowed him to take $3.25 off two
       off of the pizzas.  How much did the four pizzas cost?
17.  Nancy is buy equipment for the Jamestown girls' softball team.  She purchased a dozen balls and three bats.  The balls are $4.75 each and the
       bats are $39.50 each.  Find the total cost of these items.
18.  Phil is buying one gross of guitar pics (1 gross=144 units).  The picks cost $0.13 each.  The cashier writes out a sales receipt with a subtotal of
       $19.72.  Is this subtotal correct?  If not, what is the correct subtotal.



Retail Prices--Compute the retail prices of an item after markup.

1.  Define wholesale price, retail price, and markup.


2.  The Sew-Nice Corporation sells sewing machines to stores at a wholesale price of $410 each.  Tenser Department Store uses a 40% markup.  what is the retail price of a Sew-Nice sewing machine at Tenser Department Store?

   Wholesale Price                                      _____________________
   Markup Rate as a Decimal                       _____________________
   Amount of Markup                                  ______________________

   Retail Price                                            ______________________
   Markup Amount                                      ______________________
   Wholesale Price
The retail price of the sewing machine at Tensar is $____________________

3.  Write the markup rate as a decimal.

     a.  35%  ____________  b.  112%  __________  c.  20%  __________  d.  8%  __________

4.  Round to the nearest cent

     a.  $129.843  __________  b.  $1,203.0981  __________  c.  $564.9455  __________
5.  Find each amount to the nearest cent
     a.  10% of $816  __________  b.  185 of $7,512  __________  c.  7% of $1,098  __________
6.  Complete the table. 

Item                              Wholesale Price                    Markup Amount                    Retail Price

   Table saw                      $280.50                                     $150.00                                   a.  ________

   Clamp                            $22.80                                       $22.80                                    b.  ________
   Miter box                        $10.00                                       $11.00                                    c.  ________
   Hammer                         $25.00                                       $18.50                                    d.  ________
   Belt sander                     $48.25                                       $33.00                                    e.  ________

7.  The retail price of a car stereo is $265 and the markup rate is 68%.  
     nearest dollar?
8.  Emily purchased a CD at Music-B-Us.  She was charged $14.40.  Music-B-Us pays their supplier a wholesale price of 
     $18 for the CD.  The store's markup percentage is $20%.  What did the cashier do incorrectly?
9.  Sparky's Pet Shop purchases border collies from a breeder for $300 each.  The pet shop retails the dogs for   
     $650.000.    What is the markup amount on each dog?
10.  Julie's Prop Shop sells wigs to costume stores at a wholesale price of $16.00 each.  The stores mark the wigs up 90%.     
      What is the retail price of a wig?
11.  A digital camera is sold to a customer with a 34% markup on the wholesale price.  If the wholesale price of the camera is $189.25, how much is 
       the retail price?
12.  City Tires sells all tires at a markup rate of 85%.  The wholesale price of one X15 snow tire is $62.00.  What is the retail price that Juan pays for
       four X15 snow tires?


Discounts--Compute the price of an item after a discount.
1.  Define discount and sale price.

2.  The Biener Fan Outlet is having an end-of-summer sale on ceiling fans.  The deluxe model has retail pirce of $180.  It is on sale fo 15% off. What is  
     the sale price?  Identify the steps taken to solve the problem. 
3.  Write each percent as a decimal.

     a.  5%  __________  b.  42%  __________  c.  10%  __________  d.  10.5%  __________

4.  Subtract each percent from 100%.  Express your answer as a decimal.

     a.  12%  _________  b.  25%  __________  c.  305  ___________ d.  33%

5.  Find each amount to the nearest cent.

    a.  23% of $1,085.25 __________  b.  90% of $18,532.17 __________  c.  3% of $985  __________  d.  10% of $194,005  __________

    e.  12.5% of $500  ____________  f.  15% of 4750.50  ____________


6.  Toys Are Toys regularly sells an electric train set for $390.00.  It is on sale at 11% off.  What is the sale price of the
     electric train set?
7.  Fortune's Department Store sells the Heritage Collection couch for $1,150.00.  What is the price of this couch when it is on
     sale for 20% off?
8.  The Brooklyn Beeper Shop is having a sale on pagers that regularly sell for $81.99.  These pagers are on sale for 19% off.  
     What is the sale price of a pager?
9.  Jake's Patio is discounting all gas grills.  Gloria chooses a grill that regularly sells for $180.00 and is marked 20% off.    
     What is the sale price of the grill she chose?
10.  Samantha's Video has the sign shown at the bottom posted in the store.  Tate paid $410.00 for a television at Samantha's.  The next week
       he sees the same television at The Big TV Store for $370.00.  He returned to Samantha's Video to get his refund.  How much did he  
                                              Samantha's Video Promise
                                            If you find the same TV for less 
                                        somewhere else, we will refund the
                                                   difference plus 10%.                                                   
                                                    We will not be undersold.                                                                                                              

Sales Tax--Compute the amount of sales tax and the total price of an item.
1.  Define sales tax, sales tax rate, taxable items, and nontaxable items.

2.  Larry spent $210.50 for wallpaper, $95 for paint, and $380.10 for curtains.  The sales tax rate in his state is 6%.  What was the total cost of his
     purchase?  Illustrate using step-by-step solution to solve the problem.

3.  Round to the nearest cent.

     a.  $72.563  __________  b.  $8.2391  __________  c.  $1,920.0085  __________ 

4.  Write each percent as a decimal.

     a.  7 1/2%  ___________ b.  18 1/4%  __________  c.  6 3/4%  ______________  d.  5 1/8%  __________
5.  Find each amount to the nearest cent.
     a.  75 of $626  __________  b.  11% of $242.50  __________  c.  12% of $2,375  __________  d.  50% of $6,100  __________
     e.  1% of $6,400,000  __________  f.  95 of $12.38  __________

6.  Luis bought a toaster oven that cost $35.00.  The sales tax rate was 55.  How much tax did Luis pay?

7.  Kent County imposes a 3% sales tax.  How much sales tax would Ali pay on an item that cost $1,200.00

8.  A treadmill sells for $965.80.  Find the total price, if there is a 95 sales tax.

9.  Jackie bought $15,000 of furniture that was taxed at 5.255.  What was Jackie's furniture total bill?

10.  Artie went shopping at Benny's Bargain Basement.  His original sales receipt is shown.  Artie decided to return the $15.00 item.  Howmuch should be refunded?

                                                                 Benny's Basement

                                                       Nov 17


                                                       Subtotal                           60.00

                                                       8% Tax                              4.80
                                                       Total                                 64.80

11.  Gendale County residents are charged 4% sales tax.  Richmond County residents are charged 6% sales tax.  A Glendale dealership lists a
        car for $16,900.  A Richmond dealership sells the same car for $15,500.  These prices do not include sales tax.  Sales tax is charged
        on the purchaser's county of residence.
        a.  What is the sales tax on the car at the Glendale dealership for a Glendale resident?
        b.  What is the sales tax on the car at the Glendale dealership for a Richmond resident?

        c.  What is the sales tax on the car at the Richmond dealership for a Richmond resident?
        d.  What is the sales tax on the car at the Richmond dealership for a Glendale resident?
        e.  What is the cost difference in the car for each resident?



At-Home Shopping--Compute prices that include tax and shipping charges.

  Have you ever watched a home shopping channel on television?  Have you ever received a catalog in the mail?  Catalogs, Internet, and shopping channels are ways that you can make purchases without leaving your home.  One advantage to shopping at home is you don't have to go to the store--the store comes to you.  Another advantage is that at-home vendors often offer lower prices than traditional retail stores.  Comparison--- shopping for the best prices is more convenient because you can check the websites and catalogs of several vendors without leaving your'  home.  In some cases, certain purchases from catalogs or websites may not be subject to sales tax.  However, when you shop at home there are extra costs such as charges for shipping and handling of our order.  These charges are usually based on your total purchase or weight
of the items you order.  The shipping charge could also depend on the delivery destination.  It is important to read the instructions on the order form very carefully. 

1.  The Academic Textbook Company charges school districts an 11% shipping and handling fee on all orders.  North Shore  
     right School ordered textbooks totalling $10,375.27.  What was the shipping and handling charge on this order?  Show all mathematical work.

2.   Write each decimal as a percent.
      a.  0.185  __________  b.  0.45  __________  c.  0.075  d.  0.12  __________
3.  Multiply
     a.  $324 x 0.15  __________  b.  $6,324 x 0.2  __________  c.  $1,000x 0.06  __________
4.  Find each amount to the nearest cent.
     a.  4% of $1,321  __________  b.  1% of 490  __________  c.  7.5% of $500  __________

                                               SPORTS-TEE WAREHOUSE SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES
Item Total Cost                    Zone A                    Zone B                    Zone C                    Zone D                    Zone E

            Up to $20                      $1.50                       $1.80                      $2.20                       $2.40                      $2.90
     $20.01 - $50.00                     $2.25                       $3.00                      $3.75                       $4.50                     $5.75             

   $50.01 - $100.00                     $3.50                       $5.00                      $6.50                       $8.00                    $10.50
 $100.01 - $200.00                     $4.75                       $7.00                      $9.25                      $11.05                   $15.25
 $200.01 - $300.00                     $8.00                     $12.20                    $16.40                      $20.60                   $27.60
 $300.01 - $400.00                   $13.00                     $20.20                    $27.40                      $34.60                   $46.60

5.  Fox Lane High School's senior class purchased 35 tee shirts for a total price of $224.00.  The high school is located in    
     Zone C and is not charged sales tax.  Find the total cost of the order including shipping and handling.
6.  Arnie purchased three tee shirts from Sports-Tee Warehouse.  The first shirt cost $15.85, the second cost $21.00, and the
     third cost $13.00.  Arnie lives in Zone E.  What was the total cost of his order including shipping and handling, with no  
     sales tax?
7.  Sports Tee Warehouse is having an online sale.  The first 10 tee shirts cost $14.00 each.  Each additional tee shirt sold
     at 5% discount.  Mara ordered 18 tee shirts online.  She lives in Zone B.  What was the total cost of her order including 
     shipping and handling with?ith  Jacqi ordered shirts for her co-workers and her family.  She spend $330.00 on the order.     
     She can have the shirts shipped to her work address in Zone D, or have half the order shipped to her home in Zone C and  
      the other half of the order shipped to her work address.   Should Jacqi split the order?  Why? 

9.  Allison can buy football tee shirts from a local store at $17.50 each.  She can purchase tee shirts on the Sports-Tee   
    Warehouse website 
the price of the shirts if she buys them at the store, including 75 sales tax?
     b.  What is the price of the shirts including shipping and handling Zone C if she buys them online?  She is not charged
          sales tax.
     c.  Should Allison shop at the store or shop online for this purchase?  How much will she save?