Welcome to our class website. This site is updated in a reasonable and timely manner. Please look for classroom information in the class newsletters sent home or on this webpage. Please keep in contact via note, phone, or e-mail.

To the left are a number of websites I have bookmarked for easy access. These websites provide enrichment opportunities that expand and span the 5th grade curriculum we study in school. Students can: further research authors whose work we have discussed during Reading, use teacher-approved websites for Social Studies partner research, further investigate writing forms discussed during Writing Workshop, and explore Science-related activities.

Disclaimer: While I pre-screen websites before posting them on my website, I cannot be responsible for internal changes webmasters may make to the websites long after I have linked them here. As well, I cannot be responsible for the links provided by webmasters on their websites, as I have not pre-screened their content. Please review correct internet usage policy with your child prior to letting him/her use the internet.