DUE  Monday May 24th

The format of the book report follows.  If you do not have all of the materials, I have some in my class, and would be more than happy to give your child whatever he/she needs.

Materials6 pieces of ask tag, cut into 5 x 7 inch rectangles (or 5 x 7 plain file cards)



                     hole punch


The book report has six parts to it.  You will be writing on each of the rectangles, and you might want to print it in pencil first and have your parents proofread for spelling, capitals, and punctuation.  Remember, neatness counts!  You may type it as well.


Card #1:     You will print the title of the book, the author, and the illustrator.


Card #2:      You will write a summary of the story.  Details please.


Card #3:      You will list the main characters, with a one sentence description of each.
                      For example, Nancy Drew loved to solve mysteries with the help of her friends..


Card #4:      You will list five interesting or unfamiliar words from the story, and include a short definition for each.
                      I have a dictionary if you need one.

Card #5:     You will write a description of your favorite part of the story.  Again, details, details, details.  Tell us why it was your favorite.


Card #6:      Please draw an illustration from the story, and color it in.  You may copy one from the book, or create one pictured in

                      your imagination when you read the story.


Assembling Happy Hang-ups

1.  Punch two holes in the top of the first card, and two corresponding holes at the bottom of the card.

2.  Punch holes only in the top of the very last card.

3.  Draw a little border around the edge of each card.

4.  Tie the cards together with yarn.  You might want Mom or Dad to help you measure how much yearn you will need.
     You will need two pieces that are the same length.

5.  Tie a yarn bow at the top of the first card and then begin stringing the cards together.  Knot the yarn at the bottom two holes,.