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This is an area for you to learn more about how you can support your son or daughter as they participate in Athletics and Activities at Manalapan High School.  Please take some time to review the information and links below.  Check back often for updates! 

Manalapan High School Parent/Coach Communication Guidelines

Parent/Coach Relationship:

Parents and coaches both have the same goals for student athletes. They want each child to be successful at the sport, enjoy the camaraderie between players, and most importantly, learn teamwork and good sportsmanship. However, this common goal

can only be accomplished by establishing clear lines of communication between parents and coaches.

Communication from Coaches Should Include:

1. Philosophy of the coach

2. Expectations the coach has for your child, as well as all the players on the team, at all levels.

3. Locations and times of all practices and contests.

4. Team requirements, such as, fees, special equipment, off-season conditioning clinics, and selection process for participation.

5. Procedures to be followed if your child is injured during participation.

6.  Rules, which govern participation in the sports, and consequences for not following such rules.

Coaches are professionals. They make decisions based on what they believe to be best for all students involved.

Appropriate Communication from Parents to Coaches Should Include:

1. Concerns regarding your child’s safety and welfare

2. Notification of any scheduling conflicts well in advance.

3. Specific concerns regarding academics, attendance, discipline, commitment, and a student’s behavior

4. Strategies to help your child improve.

Inappropriate Communication from Parents to Coaches:

1. Playing time

2. Team strategy

3. Play calling

4. Other student-athletes

5. Selection of Captains

6. Practice Organization

Appropriate Procedures to Communicate with a Coach:

1. Call or email the coach to set up an appointment.

2. The Manalapan High School telephone number is 732-792-7200. The secretaries will forward your message and phone number to the coach as they may be teaching a class when you call.  All of the head coaches emails are listed under the "Athletics" link on this website.

3. If the coach does not return your call or email within 24 hours, please call the Supervisor of Extracurricular Activities, Mr. Ricci at ext. 5011.

Please do not attempt to discuss a concern with a coach before or after a contest or practice. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach. Meetings of this nature do not often result in a resolution.

Manalapan High School Parent Code of Conduct

1. Make sure your children understand that win or lose, you love them.

2. Be realistic about your child’s physical ability.

3. Help your child set realistic goals.

4. Emphasize “improved” performance, not winning.

5. Don’t relive your own athletic past through your child.

6. Provide a safe environment for training and competition.

7. Control your emotions at games and events.

8. Be a “cheerleader” for your child AND other children on the team.

9. Respect your child’s coaches. Communicate with them in a positive way.

10. Be a positive role model.

11. Never communicate with the officials.

12. Never approach a coach or athlete during a contest or coach your child

from the stands.

13. Never enter the field of competition.


Research indicates a student involved in co-curricular activities has a greater chance for success during adulthood. Many of the character traits required to be a successful participant are exactly those that will promote a successful life after high school. We hope the information provided on this page makes both your child’s and your experience with the Manalapan Brave Athletic program enjoyable.

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