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Freehold High School

Dramatic Arts Club

2 Robertsville Road - Freehold, NJ 07728 - 732-431-8360


Ms. KasiAnn Sweeney, Director

Mr. Kevin Gunther, Technical Director


FHS Dramatic Arts Club Policies – Absence Excuse Form


As per the Dramatic Arts Club policy document, all assigned rehearsals, tech sessions and performances are mandatory.  In the event that a student must miss a rehearsal, tech session, or performance the following form must be filled out completely and handed to the director 48 hours prior to the missed event.  If this formed is not received, the student will receive an “unexcused” absence.  In the event of a sickness, a note must be received the day the student returns to school, or the absence will remain “unexcused.”  All absences are considered “unexcused” unless the proper paperwork is received.



Student’s Name___________________________________________________________


Date(s) of Missed Event____________________________________________________


Detailed Reason of Absence_________________________________________________









Signature of Student_______________________________________________________


Signature of Parent/Guardian________________________________________________


Date Signed______________________________________________________________