Welcome to Room 405

Reading, Language Arts and Writing

Spelling and ELA homework are weekly unless otherwise noted

Reading and Spelling Tests are weekly on Thursday.
Monday- Word Pyramids, Tuesday-3 X each, Wednesday-ABC order, Thursday-TEST


Oct. 19-23 Verbs,

Spelling-needle succeed, reason, defeat, conceal, polite,advice,highway,lightning,tonight

Oct. 26-30 Progressive Verbs


Nov 2-6 relative pronouns

Spelling- moisture, appoint,poison,pointless,rejoice,voyage,annoy,destroyemploy, boycott

Nov 9-13 Fragments/run on sentences

Spelling -down, town,clown, owl, howl,proud,mouth, sprout, drought, foul

Nov. 17-21 possessive nouns

Spelling-  crook,wool,brook, food,mood,troop,whoop,smooth,proof, brood

Dec.          compound sentences

Spelling- point, moist, voice,choice,hoist,broil, toil, noise, enjoy, ploy

Dec.         modal auxillaries

Spelling- speech, screech,pouch,switch,clutch,stretch,pitch,branch,drench,launc

Dec.         complex sentences

Spelling - straight,squawk,squeeze,squirt,scram,shrank,square,squash,squid, strange


Books are not sent home, chapters will be read on a weekly basis-OPEN BOOK TESTS.

****Shiloh, Who is Neil Armstrong, George Washington Socks, Dear Mr. Henshaw