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MR. Tull's class has been working hard at preparing for the TCAP test that is coming up in April, and we will continue to do so.  During these times, your child is unlikely to have homework, as we do most of the work in class.  However, they may need to do corrections at home for assignments they did not do well on or just wish to improve.

We are doing a lot of review and in class group discussion on TCAP Practice questions.

We are excited about the new school year and the way we will be making Oliver Springs a positive place where everyone can learn.  I'm really excited about the advisory program, and I'm looking forward to seeing which students will be a part of my daily discussion group.  I hope to have a lot of positive experiences both within advisory and normal classes.


Study hall is back this year for students who struggle to complete assignments or perform poorly on tests. This will be a chance to catch up or re-study for a test.  Study hall will be during your activity time and a certified teacher will be there to assist and encourage you.

A goal that I have made as a teacher this year is communication, and I intend to work proactively to improve communication between myself, my students, and the parents of mu students regarding classroom progress and day to day happenings. 


  • As you can  see, I have several Links up.  Check out the Reading Assignments and English Assignments links to see what we have been studying in class and for links to the homework assigned for each class.
  • The Calendar has Homework and Daily Assignments.  If I ever have the time I may post the school's important dates, but that IF is a big one especially now that Kennedy is 21 months old. 
  • If you need to know what you need for my class, check out the Supply List.
  • There will be an online version of my Policies and Procedures but it is currently being re-vamped for the new year changes.
  • And a whole lot of other goodies.  Just check out the Main Menu to the right.  Hope you find this website useful.



Announcement:  The Tennessee Academic Vocabulary has been released.  These are words the state found to be important for your child's advancement into 8th grade and beyond.  They are also words that could be good to know for TCAP testing.  Go here for the complete list.

We have a lot going on this year and we will continue to work on getting this site updated with all the information you need for my classroom.








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