These are links to practice worksheets on TCAP tested skills that are not in your textbook. 

Scale, Distance, and Directions-   

   how far packet.pdf  

   Direction and Distance

       North,South,East,West Worksheet packet.pdf 

  Scale WS

  Scale WS2

  How Far is it?

  Farther Than It Looks

  Intermediate Directions WS

  Intermediate Directions WS2


  Some Countries of the World


   TimeZone Packet.pdf  

       Understanding Timezones

  Timezones WS1

  Timezones WS2

Latitude and Longitude-

       latiude packet.pdf 

       longitude lines packet.pdf

       More Latitude and Longitude practice

       latitude and longitude WS 1

       latitude and longitude WS 2

       latitude and longitude WS 3    

   latitude and longitude WS 4

   latitude and longitude WS 5

   latitude and longitude WS 6

   latitude and longitude WS 7 

Using Different Types of Maps-

  Types of Maps

  Contour Maps   

  Land Use Maps

  Land Use Maps 2

  Culture Maps

  Political Maps

  Historical Maps

  Product Map

  Rivers (physical map)

  Comparing Info on Maps

  Comparing Maps

  Elevation Maps

  Landform Maps

  Landform and Resource Regions

  Vegetation Map

  Street Map (All around town)

  Resource Map

  Resource Maps

Human Geography-

  Population Pyramids

      Life Expectency

  Human Migration


Festivals and Culture

  An Immigrant

Human Interaction with Environment- 



  Air Pollution

  Toxic Waste Disposal

  Human Adaptation to difficult environments

  Balancing population and resources

  Theme of Human/Envir Interaction

  Decisions People Make

  The Greenhouse Effect

  The Rainforest

  Resources and the Environment