Hello, My Name is Mrs. King. 

I will be team teaching this year with Ms. Glenn.   I will teach Reading, Language 

Arts and Writing.   Whereas, Ms. Glenn will teach Math and Science.  I will teach my homeroom class Social Studies.   At any time you would like to schedule a conference, please contact the school at 876-0146.  Thank you and I look forward to an exciting year.






1. Please make sure that I have received all your child's paperwork.


2. Please make sure that I have a current home, work and cell phone numbers.


3. If your child is absent from school, please send a note the day he/she returns.
 Regular attendance is very important in promoting academic success.


4. If you are going to pick up your child early from school, he/she must be picked up by 2:00 P.M.
If there is a transportation change, you must provide a note. No phone calls, faxes, or e-mails will be accepted.




Week of September 28-October 2, 2015


*Official learning times are 7:40am -2:15pm

*Students are counted as tardy if they arrive to school after 7:40am

*If you plan to sign your child out, you MUST pick him/her up no later than 2 pm

*If a student is absent, he or she must return to school with a written excuse for that absence.


*Study spelling words and content vocabulary words each night.  Be able to use vocabulary words in a sentence. 
*Study math facts daily for addition and subtraction to 18.  Study multiplication facts 0,1,2,5 & 10 daily.


*Read at least 15 minutes each day.

**FIELD TRIP:  Permission Slip and Money are due by October 8th

Spelling Words: Long and Short o patterns

tomato     window     octagon     option     total     hollow     oblong     ostrich     phone     dolphin     modern     throat     oblong     spoke     spotted


Science Vocabulary:  Swamp & Marsh  Habitat

swamp: a wetland in which mostly trees and other woody plants grow

marsh: a wetland in which mostly grasses and other soft stem plants grow

wetland:  an area of low land covered by water for most of the year

estuary:  the place where two kings of water (saltwater and freshwater) mix.




1. Complete  math assignment.  ______


2. Write words five times each.  ______

3.  Create a bubble map on Swamp_____

4.  Use the information from your bubble map and write a paragraph about Swamp ______




1. Complete math assignment.  ______


2.  Write spelling words in ABC order.  _____

3. Create a bubble map about the three columns found in Marsh ____

4.  Use the information from your bubble map to write a paragraph about columns in Marsh  _____





1. Complete math assignment.  ______


2.  Write a story using your spelling words.  ____

3. Create a double bubble map on swamp and marsh ____

4.  Write a paragraph to compare and contrast swamp and marsh






1. Complete math assignment.  ______

Social Studies:

2.  Write 5 sentences using your Social Studies vocabulary words  _____
3.  Write 5 sentences using your spelling words.  Circle the verb, underline the subject, & draw a rectangle around the predicate. ____


Greece: Social Studies Vocabulary

Ionic:  this is a Greek column that is topped with a scroll

design:  a plan for a building; a plan or drawing produced to show the look  and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made

Athens:  the capital city of Greece. This city is one of the largest in all of Greece

peninsula:  a piece of land that sticks out into water; a large mass of land that projects itself into a body of water

Doric:  the most basic type of Greek column with the fewest details

architecture:  the art and science of building.  Dealing with the ideas of design and construction of buildings

Greece:  a country in southern Europe.  The name of the country that has many different types of agriculture and home of the first Olympics

Corinthian:  the most detailed of the Greek  columns.  Bell-shaped and decorated with acanthus leaves

Island:  a landmass completely surrounded by water.  Land that is surrounded by water.

Mediterranean Sea:  the sea that borders the country of Greece.  The largest inland sea between Europe, Africa, and Asia



Dorian:  plain column                      Ionic:  known for its scrolls                         Corinthian:  fancy column

General Information about Greece:

*Greece is one of the world’s most popular destinations with ancient and modern attractions such as museums of the ancient and Byzantine eras and archaeological sites and cities.

*Greece is the southernmost country in Europe.  It is about the same size as England or New York state.

*The Greek mainland shares land borders with Albania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

*Greece’s capital city is Athens.  It is the largest city in Greece.

* Greece is a parliamentary democracy with 300 Parliament house, headed by the Prime Minister. 

*Parliamentary sessions normally last for four years, followed by elections held on the basis of direct, secret, and universal ballot. 

*The head of the Greek State is the President, who is elected by the Parliament.

*The climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean with warm and dry summers and mild winters.

*The official currency of Greece is the EURO.


Math Vocabulary

minus sign:  to take away, to subtract

difference:  the answer to an subtraction problem

mental math:  to do in your head; without paper and pencil.

Estimate:  a number close to the exact number.

Regrouping:  to rename a number using place value.


The Five Regions of Georgia

  • The state of Georgia extends from the Atlantic Ocean into the Blue Ridge Mountains. The state is divided into five regions based on its physical geography.  
  • The regions are the Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Region, the Blue Ridge Region, the Valley and Ridge Region, and the Appalachian Plateau
  • Each of the regions has its own unique features. There are natural wonders, animals, and rivers that make up the different parts of Georgia.
  • The Coastal Plain Region covers the southern and southeastern half of Georgia and is the largest region of Georgia.
  • The Piedmont Region is a hilly part of Georgia and is known for its red clay hills.
  • The Blue Ridge Region is found in northeastern Georgia north of the Piedmont.
  • The Valley and Ridge Region occupies only a small part of the state and has lots of waterfalls.
  • The Appalachian Plateau Region is in the far northwest corner of Georgia.
  • The Blue Ridge Region, the Valley and Ridge Region, and the Appalachian Plateau all make up the Mountain Region.
  • Georgia mountains have high elevations.
  • The higher the elevation, the colder and windier a place is.
  • Soil on mountains changes with elevation.  The soil at low elevation is moist or wet. The soil at high elevations is dry and rocky. 


Georgia Regions Map