12 Ways Teachers Are Rocking Our World in K12!

on June 8, 2017

At the end of this school year, OnCourse Systems for Education challenged teachers to a Twitter competition. K12 teachers all across the nation were asked to tweet a photo of something that made them super proud throughout the school year with the hashtag #OnCoursetoSummer! 

We were completely blown away with the response. So many educators posted pictures of their students, accomplishments, and creative projects that were displayed prominently in the school for all to appreciate. 

It was from these inspiring pictures of classroom activities that we put together this piece on 12 different ways that teachers are completely rocking our world in K-12 schools!

1. Finding unique ways to engage and incentivize students in projects that are equally fun and academic!

Unique ways to engage.png

2. Cultivating a culture of hard work and appreciation.

Cultivating a culture.png

3. Encouraging creativity in unique ways!

Encouraging creativity .png

4. Allowing students to demonstrate comprehension in so many different ways.

Demonstrate knowledge.png

5. Fostering each student's ability to understand and care about a world outside of themselves.

World outside of themselves.png

6. Encouraging students to help one another and source others for help when they need it.

help one another and source.png

7. Promoting an awareness of the impact of one's actions!

Digital footprint.png

8. Celebrating the hard work of students by displaying projects for everyone to see.

Star Scholars.png

9. Helping students experience the magic behind bringing plants to life and helping them grow.


Sweat peas.png

10. Getting students engaged in hands-on STEM & STEAM activities early and often!

STEM outside.png

STEM inside.png

11. Building a learning community that celebrates reading and writing!

Celebrate reading and writing.png

12. Being involved with students' personal well-being and academic success!

Well being.png

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