[Part Three] 25 New Supports for Schools and Parents

In Part 3 of this video series, our panel discusses free new technology updates available to school districts in 2019.

In each of the short videos below, the panel chats about new applications for principal evaluations, Graduation Pathways, classroom walkthroughs, and lots more.

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Import Test Scores into Graduation Pathways
"Rather than individually uploading each student's test scores, now you can mass import everything all at once."  

[QSAC] Evaluate Goals for District, Schools, Teachers

“When the state audits your district, they’re looking for a tie-in between goals and the evaluation process; this feature allows district to document and provide this information.” 

Online Principal Evaluations
The state adopted the Principal Standards for Educational Leaders and developed the Principal Evaluation rubric based on those standards. Now OnCourse supports it.  

Classroom Walkthroughs for iOS

“The walkthrough app was so quick, it really helped to facilitate the whole process, making it more efficient. Most importantly, it provides the data before walking out of the building.

Updated Student Growth Visualizations

“Our schools want to keep an eye on student growth, Sankey charts visually show the flow of students from one level of proficiency to another.”

 New Feature "Preview Mode"
"Just flip on the Preview Feature app. It’s a really cool way to try out new features. 


How do I get access to new features?

There are two great ways to get started. You can contact OnCourse Support at 800-899-7204 x4 or support@oncoursesystems.com. A member of our team will walk you through options for configuration, training, and launch.


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