Signs Your School Has Outgrown Its Staff Evaluation Program

on March 21, 2017 in Evaluate

Summative staff evaluations are lurking just around the corner, believe it or not. You’re gearing up for the challenge of considering all of the information that you collected throughout the year, and providing teachers with the feedback and support that they deserve. 

It’s easy to get into a rut that presents itself as a routine though, especially when it comes to the process that your school uses to handle staff evaluations. How will you know if/when your school has outgrown the staff evaluation software that's supposed to be making life easier?

Here are three major warning signs that you've outgrown your staff evaluation program!

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What Came First – The Framework or the Software?

We hear all the time that schools are making decisions on evaluation processes based on exclusive agreements between evaluation frameworks and EdTech software providers. “Exclusive” makes it sound desirable, like a utopia where districts go for staff evaluation bliss… but it’s actually quite restrictive and puts digital handcuffs on your freedom of EdTech selection.

In this scenario, the framework creator licenses the framework out and requires that districts only utilize the instrument digitally through the educational technology company that retains the rights.

This can force major decisions to go from an organic adoption of an instrument to be used with the best software on the market, to a situation where schools are pigeonholed into EdTech tools because of a contract that they had no say in. So what decision comes first? Your evaluation framework? Your technology partner?

With programs like OnCourse Evaluate, you can utilize any framework (that is not under an exclusive contract). So, select the absolute best staff evaluation instrument, and access it through the single most intuitive and integrated software available. (Have your cake, and eat it too!)

Are You Off On Evaluation Island?

Staff evaluation software was initially created to help minimize physical paperwork, streamline the process, and make lives easier. However, if your evaluation program is leaving you feeling like you’re stranded out on an island with no other resources to improve the entire staff review/support cycle… I hate to say it, but it might be time to consider an upgrade!

Evaluating your staff takes so much information into consideration:

  • Observations
  • SGOs and SLTs
  • PDPs and PIPs
  • Evaluator feedback
  • Walkthroughs

Data… data… and more data! Evaluations can become immensely impactful when paired with all of the other information that we collect throughout the year. Even better is when you can quickly identify and communicate trends, or support for your staff in the same digital interface. This is why it’s so critical to choose a teacher evaluation platform, like OnCourse Evaluate, that offers more than only a place to assess educators.

Who You Gonna Call… Ghost Support Team?

There are so few things that are more maddening than having an issue with a technology program, and not being able to get in touch with anyone from the company to help you out. There are a few reasons why this can tend to happen with certain educational technology companies: outsourced support to a 3rd party company, strict policies on who is allowed to contact the company for support, venture capital swoops in and forces support through a different channel, etc.

However, knowing the reason why your school can’t find the help they need for a program doesn’t make it any less painful.

On the other hand, education technology partners like OnCourse value clients enough to offer:

  • Direct phone support
  • In-house email assistance 24/7
  • Free self-paced video resources (OnCourse University)
  • Live Chat with our team members
  • On-site/webinar training

By upgrading to a staff evaluation program that is actually a perfect fit for your district, you can finally make the greatest impact on education without getting lost in unnecessary frustrations.

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