90% of Educators Want [BLANK] from Digital Assessments??

In September's webinars on tech-enhanced assessment, we asked our audience of educators and administrators what they really wanted from their assessment platforms.

What was most important? Distributing district-developed common assessments? Getting better data? Mimicking the state testing environment to acclimate students more effectively?

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Ed-tech specialist Tre Gonzalez polled the audience and uncovered a heavy preference for more useful analytics.

9 out of 10 educators wanted access to assessment data faster; furthermore, they are craving data that is meaningful and actionable above all else.

Fortunately the webinar's central topic, OnCourse Assessment, has teacher-friendly data at the heart of its platform. Tre showed off a range of live growth analytics available to teachers and administrators in OnCourse, which included:

  • Live item analysis
  • Standards mastery
  • Longitudinal student growth
  • ESSA sub-group breakdown (ethnicity, gender, classification, etc.)


We also explored:

  • Technology-enhanced common assessments; authored in-district or designed by the K-12 content experts at CenterPoint Education Solutions (an OnCourse partner)
  • Digital testing toolkit, with ‘locked' student browser, accommodations and modifications like text-to-speech, and a comprehensive test bank with 100,000+ items (ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies)

In OnCourse Assessment, administrators and educators never have to wait for test results. All questions that can be auto-scored are graded instantly; informing differentiation rapidly and making space for relevant supporting instruction when your students need it most.

75% of those polled cared most about designing common digital assessments AND/OR improving their alignment/rigor.

For districts who need help with boosting the rigor and alignment of their tests, OnCourse has partnered with CenterPoint Education Solutions to offer an set of interim tests tightly-aligned to PARCC and similar summatives. How tightly? This team was instrumental in the design of the Common Core model frameworks and content for PARCC tests. They also offer professional development for assessment literacy and aligning assessment to the district's scope-and-sequence. 

If common assessment is an initiative for your team, OnCourse has simplified the process of collaborating on technology-enhanced items that are PARCC-like and aligned to standards. There is also a deep test bank with 100,000 searchable items on ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

If you’re intrigued and didn’t get to sit in on this webinar series when it was live, good news! By clicking the button below, you’ll be able to request access to the recorded session in its entirety.

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