Are You Ready for LACUE Technology Leadership Summit?

on June 6, 2017

It’s here! It’s here! Louisiana's most awaited technology conference event of the summer is finally upon us!

If you’re a part of the education technology community in Louisiana, then chances are that you’ve heard about the Technology Leadership Summit (TLS) over the last couple of years. This multi-day event takes place mid-June in Baton Rouge, and is coordinated by the LACUE board to bring leaders in education access to highly-informational sessions by day, and unparalleled networking opportunities by night.

Let’s dive into everything that we have to look forward to for LACUE TLS this year!

Everyone Loves the TLS Keynote

The LACUE board did a phenomenal job selecting last year’s keynote, Leslie Fisher. She had the whole room captivated (and in stitches) as she presented about the evolution of gadgets, and trends in education technology over the years. We honestly didn’t know how anyone could come close to that…

…But then they went and secured Eric Sheninger as the keynote for this year’s TLS! He has been on the rise for the last couple of years as a force perpetuating progress in digital leadership, communication, and relationship building in K12 schools.  Mr. Scheninger alone is creating a buzz of excitement for the Technology Leadership Summit, but there are so many other areas where this conference is innovating as well.

Demanding Value from Vendors

It’s become a trend in K12 technology conferences over the years to minimize the number of sessions that are given by vendors, and increase the number of sessions presented by school district employees. This is mostly in part to the fact that people crave relevant, and timely information that they can implement immediately.  

At TLS in Louisiana, however, they are splitting the two just about down the center. The sponsors of the conference are given room and opportunity to present for the masses, but the LACUE team frames these sessions in such a way that vendors have no option other than to provide amazing value for the attendees.

And, it is appropriate at the Technology Leadership Summit for edtech partners to offer straight up product-centered presentations for anyone looking to adopt new technology. No deception, no wolf in sheep’s clothing, just on demand information that feels better to the presenters and the audience!

TLS Breakout room.png

We’re offering pre-conference sessions and concurrent sessions for the duration of TLS. If you’re interested in attending then you can swing by product table #11, or the Kullman Board Room at the Renaissance Baton Rouge to learn more.

One session that you definitely don't want to miss is "Why K12 Data Visualization May Save Us All!" Co-presented with Tangipahoa's Instructional Technology Facilitator, Amy Ard and yours truly, we are going to be taking a deep dive into the future of K12 data analysis, and more specifically we will learn how a 20K student school district is using OnCourse Analytics to turn mountains of student data into colorful, interactive, easy to understand infographics.

Melting Pot of Louisiana EdTech Mega-Stars

Whether you’re in the ballroom listening to the keynote, in a breakout room checking out a session, or just exploring the venue, you’re sure to bump into some of the most influential leaders in Louisiana education at this summit. The networking opportunities are out of this world.

TLS is designed to connect all of the right people over the course of a couple of days:

  •      Tues 6/13/17: Opening Social and Networking from 5:00PM-6:30PM
  •      Wed 6/14/17: Networking Social and Dinner from 6:15PM-7:30PM
  •      Wed 6/14/17: Interactive Networking Social from 7:30PM-11:00PM

Don’t forget about “Bring the Fun!” This conference goes above and beyond to have the networking become a real opportunity to see what your peers are made of.

Each year there is a theme for the main interactive networking event, and this year’s is “Medieval Themed.” Now, I don’t know if you remember the crazy lady in full on astronaut costuming from last year, but I can promise you that OnCourse is planning to NOT disappoint with this year’s theme-appropriate attire.

Follow us @OnCourseK12 for pictures and videos of our Bring the Fun antics... 

BTF 2017 Twitter.png

Each year the LACUE board shows us all the true value of staying connected, and working together to improve the learning experience for K12 students. We couldn’t be more proud of our Louisiana edtech family, and can’t wait to see you all soon!

Interested in stopping by to see us? You can register for a pre-conference session here, and don't forget that we will be hosting concurrent sessions all conference long in the Kullman Boardroom on the second floor! 

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