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800 Teachers Spill the Beans... Digital Lesson Planning Isn't Enough

800 Teachers Spill the Beans... Digital Lesson Planning Isn't Enough

When teachers have the time and resources to make extraordinary lesson plans come alive, it goes a long way to achieving outstanding student outcomes....

#FutureFriday: 3 Ways Schools are Making Evaluations Better

Today on #FutureFriday we discuss three innovative ideas that schools are using to make the evaluation process more meaningful and efficient.

5 Ways Evaluations Changed in 2016

Are you responsible for compliance with state requirements at your New Jersey school district? Were you surprised by the 2016 AchieveNJ changes to evaluations that were released last summer?

What Spotify Teaches Schools About the SaaS Model

Remember buying racks and stands to safely house all of your CDs? Or how about those times you stood in line at Sam Goody for hours anxiously awaiting your favorite artist’s newest single? Better...

The Twelve Days of Ed-Tech: Reflecting Back on This Year!

As the days become colder and thoughts turn to the coming new year; we can't help but reflect back on 2016 and all the things that happened in the world of educational technology for K-12 schools....

Did You Get Everything You Wanted for LACUE This Year?

We sure did!

The LACUE board did an outstanding job bringing everyone together at the Hyatt Regency for their annual December conference. Thousands of school district members flooded the show...

LACUE Season’s Greetings!

It is that time of year again! Students are eagerly counting down the days to winter break. Cut-out paper snowflakes, and holiday tunes are likely to be creeping into the hallways. Then there’s...

10 Most Memorable Principals of TV and Film

A good principal can be the difference between a school that thrives and one that struggles. Great principals can make real differences in all aspects of a school’s welfare, as well as in the...