100 School Leaders Voted on the State of Data-Driven Education

Whether you are an aspiring Future Ready school, or prioritizing your district-wide initiatives to the beat of your own drum, there's no question that K12 schools are dashing to master “mindful use of data in schools”. In a recent survey, we asked 100 school administrators:

  • What do you think of the idea of “data-driven” education?
  • What makes district-wide data more useful in your day-to-day practices?

The results are an eye-opening glimpse into the stance that school leaders have on moving forward successfully with classrooms that are seamlessly informed by data!

Data-Driven Instruction: Distraction or Game-Changer?

We have heard it time and time again, whenever a new tech trend or policy arises, the anxiety associated with perceived “pain of implementing” is almost tangible. That being said, one of the most surprising results from the survey is that there was a total absence of people voicing completely negative feelings about data-driven instruction in K12 schools.

In fact, 0% responded that they felt as though data-driven instruction was a “distraction from spending time on more important things”! A whopping 57% exclaimed that designing classroom practices with district-wide data is, “a beneficial way to monitor and make meaningful adjustments”. The most shocking stat; however, might be that:

“37% of administrators agree that data-driven education is a game-changer and should inform everything that we do!”

What Makes K12 Data Impactful?

Every day educators collect tons of information on every single student, from grades and assessments, to behavior and attendance. We asked school leaders: what could help you to use this data more effectively?

Here were the rankings:


If each of the options above were mastered, it would paint such a beautiful picture of a data-driven instruction utopia in K-12 schools! 

But why aren't we already getting holistic data on our students, and schools? With all of the technology that schools are using, why isn't everything more automated? Well, in a recent study, Teachers Know Best, one of the greatest hurdles haulting our progress toward a better edtech ecosystem is that most of our programs are siloed. When tech isn't fully integrated, and our apps aren't communicating data flawlessly, then we end up stranded on a different island each time we search for a new angle of data that we want to compare.

  • Want grades? They are in the grade book. 
  • Looking for results on benchmark assessments? Go to your testing platform.
  • Need to see why some students require help on certain standards? Well, trudge over to curriculum and instruction tools and dig for more information. 

This is where data visualization comes into play. Data visualization pulls thousands of data points from every corner of your edtech ecosystem and provides school leaders with real time insights ranging from district-wide trends, to single student anomalies. Imagine being able to get the “whole picture” of each student’s situation at a glance. Consider the ways that school efficacy improves when nothing ever slips through the cracks again, and tedious operational tasks are eliminated.

Goodbye, double entry! Farewell, oversight! Adios, inefficiencies!

If any of this resonates with you and the initiatives that are important to you for this school year, then the free Data Visualization eBook below might be the perfect opportunity for you to see how other schools plan on tackling data-driven… well, everything!

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