Schools are at a breaking point. Here's one way to fix that.

As educators face unprecedented burnout, schools are grappling with the consequences of giving staff a mixed bag of piecemeal ed-tech systems. Is going "all-in-one" the answer?

Last week, an educator admitted to me that their school had hit a breaking point, especially with technology. I recap our conversation in this short video below.

I'd bet this sounds familiar:

"We do online learning in Google Classroom. I have to keep up with the rosters myself and move all the grades by hand into my district's Student Information System. We're supposed to do our assessments in EdConnect. We use Frontline for our SGOs. OnCourse for our lesson plans. We keep our Fountas and Pinnell scores in a Google spreadsheet. We're supposed to look at data in another system but no one has time to do it."

Every time we add another system for staff to use, our workload starts to look like this:


Most districts have slowly built up an overwhelming portfolio of ed-tech products, asking teachers to pack more into each day. Imagine the effect of telling educators, in one glorious moment, that they'll have FEWER things to do. That's the power of going all-in-one with OnCourse.

Teacher Emily Webre reflects on her district's decision in 2020 to switch everything to OnCourse, including their Student Information System, LMS, Assessment, Lesson Planner, etc.: 

"To say I am obsessed with the wonderfulness that is OnCourse is the understatement of 2020. We just switched this school year. I also picked up two virtual classes. Overwhelming. But OnCourse is letting me have one platform to host EVERYTHING. I am still learning new things everyday, but this has been amazing to have everything right there.

I love that I can just tell students to login to OnCourse and everything is there! That helped me have one less place to go. This is really the best thing our district has bought in a while!"

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