5 Ways Curriculum Leaders are Building on Google

In this short video, Tre shares five ways that curriculum leaders are building onto Google to prepare for in-person instruction in 2021-2022.

This year, our team worked closely with curriculum leaders in several Google Classroom districts. We asked them "What do you wish Google could do that it can't right now?"


Most curriculum leaders shared the same core things, all of which would better support their academic programs. In this video, I touch on each of those items and share how an integration between Google & OnCourse Classroom can make those things possible.

Some topics include:

  • Sending grades into the OnCourse Grade Book
  • Improving transparency between PLCs and supervisors
  • Adding progress monitoring tools aligned to student standards
  • Improving guardians' ability to support students; preserving equitable access

...and lots more. To dig deeper into the topics in this video, join us in free webinars below:

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    How to Transform Remote Learning Skills into Thriving Blended Learning Spaces
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The capabilities discussed in this video are made possible by integrating Google, the OnCourse Student Information System, and the OnCourse Classroom LMS.