Data Visualization Summit For NJ School Leaders: Registration Open!

What if someone invented a GPS that guided you and your team along the journey to student outcomes? Imagine how deftly your team could manuever if they received instant alerts about places where students and teachers were getting jammed up!

This is the power of K-12 Data Visualization, an emerging set of techniques and technology that is capturing the imagination of NJ school districts for 2017-18.

Want to learn how data visualization can improve student outcomes and school operations? Join us at a free Future Ready Resource Session on Data Visualization, August 17th at NJIT!

Why is this important?

Every school generates massive amounts of data; however, few successfully leverage this data into gains in student achievement or teacher effectiveness. In this interactive workshop (register here!), NJ school leaders convene to learn how data visualization can put these gains much closer to your reach!

What will I learn?

We'll explore the major reasons why K-12 data initiatives falter, and how data visualization is helping districts like Palmyra Public Schools to overcome common challenges (featuring Stacy Saia, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction.) We’ll examine real-life examples of how visualization helps with QSAC, performance on standard-aligned assessments, AchieveNJ evaluations, as well as audience-led topics in a “datacamp” session.

What can I take back to my district?

Gain take-home tactics and data meeting formats, participate in an interactive BYOD visualization exercise, and see some of the emerging data visualization tools available for NJ schools. 

(Optional) Interested in learning more about data visualization products? RSVP HERE for the post-summit gourmet working lunch, sponsored by OnCourse Systems for Education. Chat with CEO Chris Contini about how he brought the same visualization engine used by Fortune 500 companies (eBay, Mastercard, DHL, etc.) to the NJ education market.
New Jersey K12 Data Visualization Summit 2017