Registration Open: October Data Visualization Summit!

In a survey this August, K-12 leaders said that getting "holistic" student data, and getting it quickly, was at the top of their wishlist. This October, join us to take big steps toward these goals at a free Data Visualization Summit

stacy_saia.pngThis summit is back by popular demand after an outstanding inaugural event, which was featured as a Future Ready Schools NJ resource session this summer.

Huge thanks to our hosts for October 4th, Palmyra Public Schools in Burlington County, NJ!

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Why is this summit important?

Every school generates massive amounts of data; however, few successfully leverage this data into gains in student achievement or teacher effectiveness. In this interactive session, NJ school leaders will learn how data visualization makes these gains more accessible than ever.

What will I learn?

In this session, we'll explore:

  • Participant-led topics in a DataCamp collaboration session.

  • Major reasons why K-12 data initiatives falter
  • Ways that data visualization is helping NJ districts like Palmyra Public Schools to overcome common challenges (featuring Stacy Saia, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction.)
  • Real-life applications of using data to improve QSAC, performance on standard-aligned assessments, and AchieveNJ evaluations
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