Educators Share What They Love About Lesson Planner

on May 23, 2017 in lesson planner

Lesson plans are essential for setting learning objectives, organizing classroom activities, and aligning instruction to standards and curriculum. But a lesson planning method that isn’t efficient or intuitive makes it much harder to succeed—an educator’s day is too demanding. Every minute counts.

Lesson Planner is the ed-tech platform that cuts through the clutter of lesson planning and makes lesson planning easier. When teachers and administrators talk about how Lesson Planner improves their daily life, their satisfaction with the product is palpable.

See for yourself what educators say about how their lesson planning process has improved with Lesson Planner.

Educators love OnCourse Lesson Planner, but don’t take it from us. Watch the video and see what teachers and administrators say about Lesson Planner in their own words!

Staying tightly aligned to standards and curriculum is one of the biggest tasks for educators. Fortunately, Lesson Planner excels at standards and curriculum alignment.  The platform includes a complete bank of state and national standards which permit administrators and teachers to access up-to-date standards quickly.

It will simplify your lesson planning and help you to be accountable and more organized as to what has been taught and which standards have been addressed.
Leslie Jean-pierre, Instructional Specialist

I love that state standards are updated regularly. It is very easy to link my daily learning objectives to the standards in my lesson plan. No longer do I have to look at a printed list of standards and type the standards in order to add it to my plan. Simplified lesson planning is a life saver.
Pamela White, Teacher

Having the state standards right there at my disposal is a god-send. They are always current and they are just there. I am very satisfied with that feature and other features.
Marvin Harris, ESS Teacher

Lesson planning is not a solo activity — reviewing lesson plans and providing feedback is a never ending task. Lesson Planner facilitates smooth lesson plan reviews to keep everyone accountable and on schedule. Lesson Planner also keeps everything organized and in one place so it’s easy to see which teachers have submitted plans and determine which plans are missing.

OnCourse not only provides a one-stop portal for teachers to create lessons, but it also allows me to see who has not posted plans and I can easily send an email reminder.
Stephanie Dixon, Assistant Principal

OnCourse makes checking lesson plans very simple. It is nice to have them at my computer instead of having to walk around from classroom to classroom checking to make sure they are done.
Richard Perdue, Assistant Principal

Male teacher working with group of students

Educators’ days are packed to overflowing, and Lesson Planner helps stay organized. Teachers love how Lesson Planner improves their workflow and is easy to navigate. Everyone had something good to say about how Lesson Planner contributes to making their work significantly more efficient.

Having everything at my fingertips makes my work much easier, It cuts the time in half that I spend doing lesson plans and gives me much needed information just by the click of a button from the district and the internet.
Linda Johnson, Teacher

OnCourse is a blessing. I can change/update plans from any computer, drop standards into my plans, and share plans with my grade level. It’s awesome!
Mary Jo Vidal, Teacher

I LOVE OnCourse! It allows me to organize my daily lessons and gives me the opportunity to connect my lessons to the standards. My classroom parents rave about the website feature too!
Nicole Decker, 2nd Grade Teacher

The automatic homework posting is one of the most popular features of Lesson Planner. It saves time — no more posting to individual websites and worrying about forgetting to enter an important assignment. As soon as a teacher updates the lesson in their account, this feature posts the homework assignment to the website without any double-entry.

OnCourse helps teachers to be better organized and keeps the communication between teachers, administration, students, and parents in sync. The “Village” is always informed and assignments are only a click away.
Gwynetta Gittens, Teacher

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