#FutureFriday: Blogging with Benefits

on March 3, 2017 in EdTech
This week's #FutureFriday is all about how writing a simple 500-word blog could win you up to $300 in prizes, and a free trip to the EdTech conference of your choosing!


 Hello, and welcome to another episode of Future Friday.

We’re hearing a lot about school staff getting creative with professional development, and I know a ton of educators who are always up for supporting their colleagues with insights, and resources especially at:

  • National Conferences
  • Regional Conferences
  • EdCamps
  • School PD Days
  • EdTech Shows

As many of you know, at these conferences educators, directors of technology and curriculum, and administrators come together and present on varying topics, or explore the show looking for PD.  The only trouble is that once the show is over, we all fall into a learning coma and just like our students when they are overwhelmed we typically only hold on to the top small handful of nuggets of information that were the most impactful or thought provoking. But what about all the intricate functional and necessary bits of information that just kind of tend to go by the wayside?

Unless the presenter:

  • Shares the slide deck
  • Records the session
  • Has an easy to find well-established blog already

It’s hard to be a captive listener in the audience, furiously take notes, and then also be able to consume all of the knowledge that you’ve been exposed to and hoping to implement back at your school.

So, we gave it some thought and came up with a way to help K12 schools work toward solving a couple of the issues raised. Educators want more, easily accessible ways to find and share important education information. They want to be seen as pioneers in thought leadership among their peers. They don’t always have enough time to develop an entire website/blogsite surrounding all of the varying topics of importance. And more than time, they don’t always get the conference spends approved in order to present or attend these annual conferences. 

Well, we’ve created the monthly OnCourse Guest Blogger Program where current educators of varying levels of experience can examine the blog submission subject for the month and create a 500-word article to submit. If you are selected as the winner for that month, you could go home with:

  •       An article published on the OnCourse blog
  •       A $100 gift card
  •       Classroom supplies ($100 value)
  •       Other fun swag ($100 value)

Prize totaling $300 value! (Prizes vary monthly)

And the fun doesn't stop there. Once it is conference season, if you are a published OnCourse Guest Blogger then you qualify to graduate to become an OnCourse Ambassador, where you will be asked to submit your blog topic as a presentation for a local conference that you are interested in attending. If that blog is selected by the conference board, and you are a published OnCourse Guest Blogger, then we will pay for your badge to attend and present! Exciting stuff, right? 

We absolutely cannot wait to see all of the amazing blogs that are sent our way. Feel free to get creative with your writing, be honest, and have fun!

My name is Nichelle Tolbard, and this has been another episode of Future Friday. Thank you for tuning in, and we’ll see you next time.

OnCourse Guest Blogger Program