#FutureFriday: Free Online Enrollment for my School? Yes plz!

on March 17, 2017 in Student Information System

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone and Happy #FutureFriday!

Today I’ve got some great news for you, but before we get to it, let’s dream about what future of operating a K-12 school looks like. What do the tools look like, and how can they help us do things we can’t do today (or can’t afford to do today?)

When we picture future ed-tech in our minds-eye, we fantasize that it is elegant and intuitive, and we don’t often think about shuffling student data around in FTP sites, spreadsheets, or on paper.

What we imagine is fluid. It's intuitive.

If you’ve been watching #FutureFriday for a few weeks, or if you’ve gone to the marketplace looking for a new SIS platform for your district in the last six months – you’ve seen clues at how this future is shaping up.

What you should be seeing is that any ed-tech provider, especially SIS providers, are investing heavily in unifying technology for their school districts.

This is a wonderful thing for you as a school leader, because SIS providers are falling over themselves to give you more value and more options, all while removing redundancy from your technology portfolio, school operations, and maybe best of all, from you budget.

New Online Registration App Released

Today we are answering the call from school districts who crave their elegant, integrated future now (and who want it free!)

Starting this month, all schools using the OnCourse Student Information System can take advantage of a new Online Registration feature that plugs in seamlessly to your current enrollment process.


Your incoming families will be able to visit an OnCourse online portal, fill out all their pertinent information, attach documents like birth certificates or parent signatures, and submit this to the school.

Your main office gets all of their submissions in a convenient inbox, where they can review, make adjustments, and accept, deny, or file the registration.

OnCourse automatically creates the necessary enrollment records to make sure this student is enrolled in accordance with state codes.

Pretty great, right?  And yes, it’s free with your OnCourse subscription.

So this year has been crazy fun for us  we got to introduce OnCourse Analytics in January and bring a whole new world of Data Visualization to our partner schools.

I’m also going to give you a hint at what’s coming in just a few short months – if digital assessment is on your radar, subscribe to the OnCourse Blog and get ready for an announcement that’ll knock your green socks off!

So if you are ready to open up Online Enrollment at your school district, email us at support@oncoursesystems.com and our intrepid team will get your forms set up just the way you like them.

So until next time, have yourself a Happy St. Patty’s Day weekend!

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