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Hacking QSAC: The biggest shortcut ever?

Written by Tanya Manila | November 8, 2017

An approaching QSAC audit (Quality Single Accountability Continuum, for the uninitiated) can send even the savviest schools into a high-stress gauntlet of data prep. One NJ supervisor, however, discovered a massively time-saving shortcut.



 How meaningful was this shortcut?

“If it did not save my life, or my job, it at least saved my sleep...because I was able to sleep instead of spending the extra five hours preparing for a QSAC meeting.” said Stacy Saia, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Palmyra Public Schools.

“While we sat in the meeting, they continued to fire off questions (which is what tends to happen in QSAC meetings),” she said. “They say things like, what are your concerns for this? How do you know that? What are you doing about it?”

With her meeting approaching, Stacy requested early-access to a new NJ-based data visualization platform called OnCourse Analytics. This platform automatically translated the district’s grades, PARCC data, enrollment, and demographics into interactive infographics.

“As they asked about our test scores...and attendance...and our academics, I was able to pull all those numbers up immediately in OnCourse. It enabled us to really talk about all the things they wanted to talk about, without having to prepare every possible data point in advance and have them at my fingertips.”

“To be able to literally sort it down to whatever we wanted to know, it made that QSAC meeting amazing, and probably the best one we’ve ever had,” said Saia.