Hidden Treasure in Your Teachers’ Lesson Plans!

Your educators are working tirelessly to create golden learning opportunities in the classroom. It's very easy, however, for these gems to slip past school leaders and not have as much of an impact as if they were discovered.

Each school has a unique cadence for lesson planning. Some require that lesson plans are:

  •      Submitted each week
  •      Reviewed by a supervisor
  •      Marked up with feedback
  •      Approved before being taught

Although accountability and expectations are paramount, the intricate, and often deliberate, gems of detailed opportunities for student achievement are buried beneath the fact that they are not easily accessible in a document management system, or on physical paper.

The craziest part is that your teachers are already tracking their way through standards and artfully guiding students to mastery. Your administrators are reviewing proposed classroom strategies, and providing feedback each week while matching the lesson plans up against curriculum. However, without any way to easily report on all of this data it’s the same as being stranded on a desert island and throwing away the map.

Here is how having lesson planner software that allows for school and district-wide reporting takes you directly to the treasure that is undoubtedly hidden in your teachers’ lesson plans!

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Standards Become Better Than a GPS

Your educators toil over every single detail of their lesson plans. From the activities, to the materials needed, each lesson has a specific relevance to the state and national standards that students are expected to master. Statically identifying standards is one thing; however, why skim the surface of the amazing work that your teachers are doing each week?

With document management system (or pen and paper) lesson plans, you are losing the ability to pull a report in a matter of seconds that details what standards are being taught and when. Do you have the time to personally document how and when standards were addressed in each class?

Your time is valuable, and you gain so much of it back by having a lesson planning software that will track the standards that your educators are teaching in each class. This allows you to easily represent the “when”, “what”, and “how” of standards mastery.

Easily Co-Pilot Classrooms to Success

Feedback and lesson plan review doesn’t have to feel like a gargantuan effort each week. In full-featured digital lesson planning programs, administrators become the co-pilot on a journey to student achievement by providing constructive comments on individual lesson plans.

By doing this within a program designed for K12 schools, you will be able to report on historical feedback, and administrator review/approvals. This will make faculty meetings, evaluation pre/post conferences, and team building so much more effective.

Build up teacher practice with data-informed feedback at the click of a button!

X Marks the Spot!

By following the bread crumbs that accumulate each week (the standards, feedback, and lesson planning data) you will gain a better grasp on where the magic in the classroom comes from. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a fluke when educators excel at designing consistently engaging and successful classes. It takes planning, and data-informed strategy.

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