OnCourse Unveils Multiple Measures Feature to Improve Interventions

In March 2021, OnCourse is set to release a new feature called Multiple Measures, which gives schools a new way to explore the various factors affecting student achievement.

To help schools improve their interventions, OnCourse has unveiled an entirely new way to understand student data. This new feature is called OnCourse Multiple Measures and is offered free with subscriptions to OnCourse SIS, OnCourse Assessment, or OnCourse Student Stats.

Join a live webinar to see a sneak peek of this technology, set for release in beta status in March 2021. (Can't make the time? Register anyway for the recording.)


Multiple Measures: How it Works

OnCourse generates hundreds of data points every day. OnCourse Multiple Measures lets school staff quickly drag different data points onto a single dashboard, giving a holistic view of student growth.

In a few seconds, users can create an easy-to-read continuum of summative and formative test scores, class grades, attendance, demographics, or any other data point tracked in OnCourse.

The show-stopper, however, is a feature called Plots. This feature lets districts plot a desired outcome, then quickly examine the intersecting factors that influence that outcome. This is a school leader's crystal ball, capable of peering across variables to answer questions like:

  • How effective is remote vs in-person learning?
  • Are our chosen benchmark assessments correlated to performance on the summative?
  • Do students’ grades correlate with their test performance? If not, why?
  • Is a professional development or curriculum decision having the effect we hoped?
  • Which teachers produce better results and can this learning be leveraged out to other teachers?
  • What teachers are creating the best outcomes for ELL students?

To arrange a demo of Multiple Measures for your school district, contact Sam Morgan at smorgan@oncoursesystems.com.