Ep. 2: Back-to-School Upgrades for Teachers!

In this episode we unveil several of the new free updates available to teachers using OnCourse, including an updated OnCourse Connect user interface, content partners, assignment grader, printed assessment features, and more.

Every week we get together and discuss all of the wonderful suggestions we receive from teachers and administrators. Last week we shared some of our best new administrator features. This week we would like to give you a sneak peak into some of our best free teachers updates. 

Assessment Bubble Sheets

Printed bubble sheets are here! Now students can identify their answers on an OnCourse bubble sheet. Then, when the test is complete, just scan the sheets and email to OnCourse, and we’ll grade them for you. Grades magically appear right inside the Classroom learning management system. It’s as easy as that!

Updated OnCourse Connect Interface

OnCourse Connect has a brand new look! Class tiles are now beautifully colored and assignments are color-coded to match their respective classes. Assignments, resources, and messages are now centrally located on the new Class page. There’s lots more too.

Teacher Assessment Tab

Hey teachers, we realize that it's a bit annoying having your district's benchmark tests mixed in with your OnCourse Classroom assessments. So, we thought we'd clean things up a bit. From now on, district-wide tests will no longer be visible in OnCourse Classroom, they will have their very own tab, the Assessment tab.

Classroom Content Partners

Our new Classroom partner videos make it super easy for teachers to learn about these amazing classroom tools so they can easily make assignments more engaging for students. When you're creating an assignment in OnCourse Classroom, you'll see links to our new content partners. Each partner has a bank of classroom resources coupled with fun and unique ways to create lessons.

Assignment Grader

That's right teachers, OnCourse Classroom now automatically grades assignments for you, saving you time and effort! Grades are automatically calculated as students complete your interactive assessments and post to your gradebook. And not to worry, you have the ability to override the grade if necessary.

These are just a few of the tons of upgrades released during this summer alone! If you want a full run-down of new features, make sure to check the Update Feed (you'll have to log-in to access OnCourse University).

If you have any questions about how to activate these features, e-mail us at support@oncoursesystems.com.

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