Ep. 3: Back-to-School Upgrades for Teachers!

In this final episode, we share several of the new free updates available to teachers using OnCourse Classroom and Assessment, including TextHelp, Live Assessment Progress, an updated Assignment Bank, a new way for students to access district benchmark tests, and more!


Each week we get together and review all of your fantastic suggestions. Last week we shared the first batch of our best teacher features. This week we would like to share a few more. Enjoy!

This amazing new screen reader tool helps struggling readers as they take online assessments. It is designed to help students who need a little extra assistance reading tests. Just activate the tool for whatever students you choose and watch as TextHelp helps them complete their work.

We know just how much collaborating in Google Docs and annotating assignments are a part of your student-teacher relationship. With this in mind, we've enhanced the OnCourse Classroom assignment workflow, providing a cleaner and easier way for both teachers and students to work with assignments.

Assessment Preview Button

Now teachers can see exactly what students see when they take an assessment. This feature provides teachers the opportunity to pinpoint errors and make necessary changes prior to publishing. After creating an assessment, simply click the Preview button and OnCourse takes you through each item.

Assessment Live Progress

Teachers are now able to view student progress on tests in real-time. The color-coding makes it easy to see each student’s status, whether they’re finished, currently working, or haven’t started. You can also see how many items they’ve completed. This feature is available in both OnCourse Classroom and Assessment.

District Assessement: Student Access

We’ve made it simple for every student in your district to easily access online benchmark tests regardless of their security settings. Students simply click on the testing center link and log into an assessment using a unique test and student code.

Assignment Bank

The Assignment Bank got a makeover! It has it's own tab, looks completely different, and we've added a whole lot of functionality. We've included folders to help keep things organized. You can copy assignments to multiple classes and to your grade book too. And best of all, you can share your assignments with other teachers.

These are just a few of the tons of upgrades released during this summer alone! If you want a full run-down of new features, make sure to check the Update Feed (you'll have to log-in to access OnCourse University).

If you have any questions about how to activate these features, e-mail us at support@oncoursesystems.com.

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