Ep 1: Back-to-School Upgrades for Administrators!

In this first episode, we share several of the new free updates available to administrators using OnCourse including fee management, principal evaluations, graduation pathways, and more!


One of our favorite things to do is get together each Tuesday to read through the suggestions we get from teachers and administrators.

Our development team has spent their summer working on several free updates for you, between working on OnCourse Analytics and the (shhh!) soon-to-be-released OnCourse Assessment.  Here are some of the best free upgrades!

Link Teachers to Evaluation Frameworks

Last year, when an observer prepared to enter the classroom, they chose which evaluation framework to use. Now, your school has gained the ability to tie teachers ahead of time to the correct rubric. As schools have added new frameworks and tinkered with old ones, this acts as a little safety net and ensures consistency when summative evaluation time rolls around!

Teacher Self-Evaluations

Introducing a new way for educators to self-assess! With this update, teachers can rate themselves using the district's evaluation instrument, giving them a fantastic opportunity for self-reflection. This also allows administrators to provide more targeted feedback to important areas of professional growth.

Principal Evaluations

To help meet your state requirements, OnCourse now allows schools to conduct principal evaluations in OnCourse Evaluate. Combined with the SGO, SGP, and Admin Goals ratings, the system can weigh and calculate your summative ratings automatically.

Online Registration

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork, tons of data entry, and lots of phone calls. Say hello to increased accuracy, streamlined communication, and more time!

This free Student Information System upgrade lets parents register their child from a link on your district website. The customizable registration form collects all the intake criteria you desire, including attached documents, and transmits them directly to your main office for review and approval.

Duplicate Evaluation Frameworks

This is a wonderful, time-saving feature that allows you to quickly and easily duplicate an evaluation instrument/framework. A new Duplicate Framework button lets you choose framework you'd like to copy, and voila, there's a copy of the framework for you to edit in any way you choose.

Fee Management

The OnCourse Fee Management application helps schools keep track of money owed by students for school related charges, such as course fees, field trips, school pictures, or damages to school property. It’s simple to add new fees and record payments, streamlining the management and collection of student fees and easing the record keeping burden.

These are just a few of more than twenty major upgrades released during this summer alone! If you want a full run-down of new features, make sure to check the Update Feed (you'll have to log-in to access OnCourse University).

If you have any questions about how to activate these features, e-mail us at support@oncoursesystems.com.

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