OnCourse Analytics Brings Data Visualization to K-12 Schools

on January 24, 2017 in Student Information System

OnCourse Systems for Education is thrilled to announce the release of OnCourse Analytics, a data visualization technology for K-12 schools. This new offering is fully integrated with the OnCourse Student Information System and other software products.

OnCourse Analytics automatically translates a school’s enrollment, behavior, academic, and staff performance data into colorful, intuitive infographics. As teachers complete day-to-day tasks, OnCourse collects thousands of data points and live-updates school dashboards with heat maps, word clouds, and dynamic graph representations of this data. This happens securely within the OnCourse ecosystem, no separate data warehouse required.


Each infographic can be drilled down to the classroom and student level, giving district staff new ways to identify school/district happenings.

“We will be able to show trends in academic performance and district operations in a way that was never before possible, even though most SIS products have been sitting on the data all this time,” says Chris Contini, OnCourse's Chief Executive Officer. “Many of our districts all but gave up on data analysis, but visualization provides a bridge over the obstacles that were bogging them down. With OnCourse Analytics, you can get the bird’s-eye view of your school and district data over a cup of coffee.”


Another way to boost data awareness is through administrator alerts. When your district crosses critical thresholds for any essential data, such as average daily attendance or performance on benchmark testing, an automatic alert is sent.

OnCourse Analytics gives districts a new ability to target resources and professional development to where they'll make the biggest impact on student outcomes.  Watch a video here.

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