OnCourse Announces Content Partnership with Wizer.me

on November 16, 2016 in Classroom

One of the core beliefs fueling ideas and decisions at OnCourse is that “great products make you effective, but great partners make you extraordinary.” That’s why we are excited to announce a new partnership between OnCourse Systems and Wizer.me.

OnCourse is privileged to have deep relationships with the K-12 community, relationships that inspire valuable dialogue, feedback and requests about how we can help make their lives easier and more productive. A recently proliferating request has been for teaching materials such as digital worksheets and lesson plan templates. OnCourse’s Learning Management System, Classroom, provides an excellent framework for teachers to create differentiated instruction, stimulate deeper learning and keep parents informed. Now with our new Wizer.me partnership, teachers can easily find, create, customize, and share lesson plans and worksheets right within Classroom.

What is Wizer.Me and How Can Teachers Use It For Even Better Student Outcomes?

Why are we so jazzed and proud to introduce the Wizer.me partnership? Because it’s helping us serve teachers and the K-12 community even better. Wizer.me is a web-based tool that helps K-12 teachers quickly create, find and share their own interactive worksheets. If your school or district already uses OnCourse Classroom, you will notice the new feature when you create a new assignment.


In just two simple steps, teachers can begin creating their own interactive worksheets:

  1. Create a free account at www.wizer.me using an existing Google account or personal email address.
  2. Once an account has been created, you can create a worksheet from scratch or browse Wizer’s Content Library to choose a premade option. No design skills are needed.

Wizer.me’s technology is a valuable complement to OnCourse’s LMS. The partnership lends itself to flipped and blended teaching models by making differentiated lesson planning a painless, seamless experience. Teachers can use Wizer.me’s searchable content library to quickly find and create differentiated lesson plans and worksheets for group work, individualized projects and a variety of learning initiatives, then share them through Classroom.

Now it’s easy for teachers to create dynamic, interactive worksheets. Plus, it gives teachers the option to choose from content that others have created, include video resources through YouTube, and update old lessons.

Stay Tuned... There’s More to Come!

Creating opportunities for the K-12 community through awesome partnerships with tools like Wizer.me is an ongoing initiative at OnCourse. Stay tuned for news about another awesome partnership we’re working to finalize with TES Teach (formerly known as Blendspace), an online tool that specializes in helping middle school and high school teachers rapidly create and share digital lesson plans, projects, presentations and more.

To learn more about OnCourse’s exciting new partnership with Wizer.me, watch this video.